Only Murders in the Building season 2, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Adam Lock
Published: August 23, 2022 (Last updated: August 7, 2023)
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The murder mystery ends with a bang. “I Know Who Did It” is crammed full of side-splitting humor, tremendous twists, and fitting finality. The show even teases, what looks to be, an incredible third season.

This recap of the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building season 2, episode 10, ”I Know Who Did It,” the finale and ending explained, contains spoilers.

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The second season of Only Murders in the Building and with that the Bunny Folger murder investigation itself come to a conclusive end in this thrilling finale. “I Know Who Did It” provides the laughs, shocks and closure that fans have come to expect from the show. As always, the finale does a great job of setting up the next season perfectly too, introducing our next assignment. This is superb storytelling that is well worth the wait. So, who killed Bunny Folger? Let’s find out, shall we?

Only Murders in the Building season 2, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

Becky Butler (Poppy) narrates over the opening montage. She lived an ordinary, if miserable life, caring for her abusive father and worked long hours for a flirtatious boss, who was also the town mayor. Hoping to leave her sorry life behind, she cut her hair, changed her identity and made herself disappear. Then as Poppy, she paid her idol a visit, pitching the Becky Butler podcast idea to Cinda, asking her for a job in return. As Cinda’s assistant, Poppy was treated poorly and was never given the credit she deserved. Poppy pitched a second idea, but Cinda rejected that one too.

The podcast trio debate Cinda and Detective Kreps’ evil scheme in the present. They deduce that the criminal couple worked together to put the Mayor away for a murder he did not commit and now they’re trying to frame our lovable trio for a murder that they also didn’t commit. Oliver is actually impressed with their audacity, but this doesn’t help. The trio conclude that they need Cinda to confess and the only way to achieve this is if she slips up somehow, that’s where Poppy comes into the fray.

The trio meet with Poppy at the usual diner. Poppy seems nervous and is taken aback by the proposition of framing Cinda. They ask what could anger her and in turn cause her to confess. Poppy says she doesn’t like the inside of tomatoes or slow-motion – random right? Then Poppy mentions that their podcast finale is dropping soon and she then makes a sandwich order to go. Our trio don’t have long to prove Cinda’s guilt before she accuses them of murder in her own hotly-anticipated finale, the clock is ticking.

So, they throw a Killer Reveal Party, inviting the old Arconia bunch and Mabel’s artsy ex Alice. The trio ask for the residents’ help in manipulating Cinda into confessing and plan their theatrical performance off camera. It’s a dramatic, over-the-top sequence that perfectly fits within the show’s aesthetics and themes. They recap the evidence and Charles dramatically points his finger at Cinda. Then the whole team head towards her, talking and advancing in slow-motion. It’s a setup that literally had me in tears with laughter. Sometimes, visual comedy is all you need! Cinda is horrified by the slow-mo and then Charles begins to cut tomatoes for extra effect. She demands to leave.

Mabel changes the subject and accuses Alice of being the killer, thinking through the case aloud. She explains how Alice wanted to buy the Rose Cooper painting, but couldn’t afford the ‘14’ million for the ‘Savage’ art piece. Therefore she framed Mabel instead, hoping to profit off of Mabel’s fame and her own Mabel-influenced artwork. Alice pretty much confesses to the murder, grabs the cake knife and attacks Mabel. But Charles jumps in the way and is stabbed by the art dealer in heroic fashion, collapsing to the floor after the impact.

The gang hold down the murderous Alice and Howard faints on the spot. Charles dies there and then on the floor, and all Cinda can say is, “Did you get all that?” to Poppy who is filming the entire fiasco. Cinda then offers Mabel a job and even her own dedicated podcast. This upsets Poppy greatly, who is infuriated by this betrayal. Poppy has worked tirelessly for Cinda and received nothing much in return. She starts to sneeze as she rants and it becomes apparent that Poppy may in fact be the murderer.

The ending

Charles springs back to life and explains how it was all an act. Everyone was in on the theatrics, even Cinda. Poppy was the one who was being framed all along, not Cinda. Poppy admits to the murder, saying she just wanted to make a good podcast and to catch Cinda’s attention. Mabel figured it all out. Poppy’s DNA was on the knife and she ordered the number ‘14 sandwich’. Bunny’s final words were ‘14 sandwich’ not ‘14 Savage’. Poppy and Kreps are then arrested, with the filmmakers presenting their blossoming romance via flashbacks. This explains their main motives for murder – the pursuit of fame and fortune.

The series then updates us on the trio’s happy endings. Charles and Lucy are seen on set, with Charles’ new popularity resulting in a promotion, with his character gaining a more substantial role in the Brazzos remake. He then manages to land a date and a kiss from make-up artist Joy. Mabel and Alice appear to be friends again and the duo repaint her apartment. While Oliver tries to confess his biggest secret to Will, but his son admits that he knows the truth about the DNA results anyway. Will isn’t bothered by the facts, he sees Oliver as his biological father. Oliver is then offered a job over the phone to direct a Broadway production, which starts in a year’s time.

We shoot forward a year and Oliver’s show is about to debut. Paul Rudd cameos as the leading actor Ben Glenroy. This bumbling actor appears to be rivals with co-star Charles and the two thespians clearly have some unfinished business between one another. Charles says, “I know what you did”, before the play begins. Oliver joins his friends in the audience, excited for the production to commence, but disaster strikes. Ben dies, coughing up blood, moments after starting his opening monologue. It would seem a new murder mystery has been lined up for you lucky viewers. This one looks to be set in the theatrical world, with Paul Rudd guest starring – how exciting!

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