Drive Hard: The Maloof Way season 1 review – filled with energy and engines

By Romey Norton
Published: August 24, 2022
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From engine building to racing to stunts, this series follows the fast and furious life of the Maloof family business. 

Netflix reality series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way season 1 will be released on Netflix on August 26, 2022.

For the Maloof family there is no greater thrill than making fast cars go even faster. That’s why there are eight episodes showcasing the fun, sweat, tears, and grease that goes into being part of this wild family. The reality TV series is called Drive Hard: The Maloof Way and if you’re into fast cars, this is the show for you.

Sammy Maloof has been a Hollywood stuntman for over 25 years, most famously known for The Fast and Furious films, he also builds car engines and races. The Maloof business is based around their engine building and their stunts, and they’re wanting to branch out into racing, as this is where you can make some big money, but it also costs a lot of money if you lose. The pressures come through maintaining speed and reputations. 

I really enjoy watching series surrounding family businesses that aren’t your typical, everyday 9-5 lives. They inform audiences about areas they may not have known about before, and this one certainly captured my attention; I was having adrenaline rushes just watching what they do. 

This seriously is a family affair. His daughters practicing to become world-class stunt artists is fascinating to watch, that insight is exhilarating and made me want to go drag race my little Suzuki. (I won’t, I don’t think the clutch can take it) His wife Jennifer is the one who runs the business taking care of the administration, and he even has his nephews involved, each one building their knowledge and skills.

What stood out to me, amongst the noise and the drama, was the loving passion that they all have. Sammy really wants the Maloof name to mean something and wants the family to continue his empire and legacy. He’s training them well, that precision makes for peak performance, so I have no doubt they will have a successful future. 

Through the episodes, we see how stunts are created, how engines and cars are built, and the amount of time and effort that goes into making a business like this work.

This isn’t easy, safe work and there are times when cars crash, set on fire, and emergency actions have to be taken. The intense and dramatic music used throughout accentuates the magnitude of what is happening on screen. The filming is the typical fly-on-the-wall mixed with interviews, where we really get to see how the family works and feels. Whilst it is serious and methodical, we do have moments of vulnerability, and honest fears and concerns. 

Overall this was a great series to watch. The Maloofs are easy to watch and have put together a fun, informative series suitable for all ages. With an interesting topic, family values, it’s inspiring to see hard-working, passionate people come together and create memorable excellence.

With each episode having a runtime of roughly thirty minutes this series makes for a quick, easy binge-watch.

What did you think of the Netflix reality series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way season 1? Comment below.

You can watch this series with a subscription to Netflix. 

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