Watch Out, We’re Mad 2 – will there be a sequel to the 2022 remake?

August 24, 2022
Andy Punter 0
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This article discusses whether there will be a Watch Out, We’re Mad 2, a sequel to the Netflix film Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022), and will contain spoilers. 

Watch Out We’re Mad is an action comedy that follows the fortunes of two Brothers as they try to rescue their beloved Dune Buggy from a gangster with plans to evict a group of circus performers from their home and build an expensive hotel on the land. 

A reboot of the 1974 comedy film of the same name, Watch Out, We’re Mad, is already a title audiences might be familiar with, so a sequel would not be the biggest surprise. 

Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022) sequel release date

With Watch Out, We’re Mad arriving on Netflix on 24th August 2022, it is likely that the streaming platform will want to take some time to review the success of the film before making a firm commitment. However, with Director Younuts currently not attached to any major projects and any likely sequel unlikely to command a huge budget, it is reasonable to assume that should they get the green light, they could get a sequel to market in a few months. 

With a fair wind, we could be looking at a sequel as early as 2023. 

Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022) sequel cast – who might be in it?

Watch Out, We’re Mad stars Edoardo Pesce as Carezza, Alssandro Roja as his brother Sorriso, Alessandra Mastronardi as Miriam and Christian De Sica as Torsillo. 

A potential sequel, Watch Out, We’re Mad 2, could see the return of all of the original cast, with a nice dynamic established between them all. The end of the first movie saw our villain licking his wounds but declaring his revenge, there is also scope for Francesco Bruni and Massimiliano Rossi to return as Raniero and Scajone, respectively. 

Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022) sequel plot – what might Watch Out, We’re Mad 2 be about?

The end of Watch Out, We’re Mad sees Torsillo defeated, for now, but vowing his revenge. Meanwhile, the Brothers have far from resolved their differences and the very important matter of the ownership of the Dune Buggy.

A potential sequel to What Out, We’re Mad would likely follow an emboldened Ranieri exacting his revenge on the brothers on behalf of his humbled father, taking over the family business and aiming to destroy the brothers before ultimately failing. 

You can watch the first film with a subscription to Netflix.