Delhi Crime Season 2 ending explained – does Vartika solve the case?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 26, 2022
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Delhi Crime Season 2 ending explained - does Vartika solve the case?

This article contains major spoilers for Delhi Crime Season 2’s ending. 

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The second season of Netflix’s excellent and award-winning drama Delhi Crime once again bases itself on a real-life case, this one beginning with a quadruple murder in a South Delhi bungalow that seems to have been committed by a criminal syndicate inactive in the city for the previous 20 years. But this is more than a simple whodunit, so along with the twists and turns there is plenty of consideration for cultural and political context, emotional and psychological strife, and the careful battle between what’s right and what’s allowed.

Here’s what happened and why, more or less.

Delhi Crime Season 2 ending explained

Vartika Chaturvedi is back on the case along with a team mostly returning from Season 1. Following the brutal murders and the suggestion that they might be the work of the long-dormant Kachcha Baniyan gang, the city is plunged into panic. That panic has ripple effects throughout both the public and the police force and media, creating a melting pot of tension and pressure that only makes solving the case more difficult.

Despite initial impressions all pointing towards the gang, as the investigation begins to develop and tribal people – the Kachcha Baniyan gang is primarily comprised of Denotified Tribes, or DNTs – are interviewed as suspects, it becomes clear that there is a copycat at work here. (Viren Chaddha, a gang-buster specialist brought in by the commissioner, turns out to be a bigot and more trouble than he’s worth.)

As ever, it’s a mistake by the criminals that gives the police the break they need. A piece of stolen jewelry resurfaces and leads the team to a man named Guddu, who reveals he was working with three other people: Babloo, Thermal, and Karishma. The latter is a beautician whose parlor is the link between all of the victims. Through there, she was able to compile a list of potential victims who were suitable targets, and the gang emulated the MO of the Kachcha Baniyan gang to create discord among the police and public, allowing them to slip away unnoticed.

In another as-usual development, there is tension and discord among the criminal group. Karishma, particularly, has plans that don’t involve Babloo (her boyfriend) and Thermal (Babloo’s nephew). The men want to divide the spoils and split, but she has other ideas, and when all this comes to blows, Babloo and Thermal end up dead.

The cops finally catch Karishma, though, after pursuing her to a safehouse procured from a restaurant owner.

Karishma was angry. And the reason she was angry is that she was broke, which is an understandable motivation. Of course, most of us don’t handle our financial problems by bludgeoning the elderly to death, but different strokes for different folks I suppose.

The outcome is also a relatively positive one for Azaad and Jugnu Pardi, two tribal men who were becoming the front-runners for scapegoats just to spare the police’s reputation and quell the discord that was brewing among the populace. But this also means that Vartika has to ignore direct orders from her superiors, leading to her being transferred out of Delhi to a more remote posting. It’s a miserable ending for the character, then, but at least she did the right thing. She can probably live with that.

You can stream Delhi Crime Season 2 exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on Delhi Crime Season 2’s ending? Let us know in the comments.

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