Samaritan 2 – will there be a Samaritan sequel?

August 26, 2022
M.N. Miller 1
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This article discusses whether there will be a Samaritan 2, a sequel to the Amazon film Samaritan (2022), and will contain spoilers. 

This week, the new Prime Video film Samaritan arrives on Jeff Bezos’s streaming waves. (Imagine having so much money that you can buy the legendary MGM studio out of pocket?). With the popularity of such testosterone-fueled films and series like Reacher, Jack Ryan, Terminal List, and Without Remorse, the Sylvester Stallone vehicle could find a nice home after its long delay in being released.

Samaritan potential sequel release date

Samaritan will be released on Amazon Prime this Friday, August 26th, 2022. The film currently has a 41% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but our film critic M.N. Miller says the film is, “A promising start to a potential streaming franchise.

Prime has yet to announce a Samaritan film officially or unofficially. Considering the film’s delay before its release, it would take positive word of mouth and replays on the streaming giant to garner that kind of consideration. However, with a proven director in Julius Avery and a Hollywood legend making his steaming lead debut, I don’t see why they couldn’t swing for a potential franchise here.

Samaritan sequel cast – who can be in it?

Sly survives our Nemesis, who had to kill his twin brother to find his soul. So does Sam, who I would hope would come back to be his Robin. I feel his mom, Tiffany, will move away and find a better job while Sam stays in the city going to college. Most of the bad guys, like Cyrus, Reza, Farshard, and Tuna, perished at the hands of Joe. And as much as I loved Pilou Asbaek’s take on a modern villain, I don’t see him returning. Of the entire cast, I would say, Stallone, Walton, and Starr (who could be Alfred like an advisor to Samaritan) are back, and Dascha Polanco will make a brief cameo at the most.

Samaritan sequel plot – what can Samaritan 2 be about?

I have two ideas, but I think the clever play would be building suspense on anyone finding out Joe’s real identity. As the original villain, Nemesis, and pretending to be Samaritan, real drama, uncertainty, and anticipation can be built around this plot point for the next installment of the sequel. This would follow the Nolan Batman plot logic over three films. Or, a third film could angle a prequel, showing the real showdown of the twin brother epic battle.

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