Seoul Vibe ending explained – will the Sanggye Supreme Team ride again?

August 27, 2022
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This article explains the ending for the South Korean Netflix film Seoul Vibe and will contain spoilers. 

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Dong-wook and Joon-gi helped drive crates of illegal guns around Saudi Arabia. When they return to Seoul, they see much has changed since letting freedom ring. South Korea, once a militarized government, is now a democracy. The Sanggye Supreme Team, led by Dong-Wook, Woo-sam, Joon-gi, Bok-nam, and Yoon-hee, love their drifts and cool riffs as they drive around the city. They head back. Dong-wook sees his car in the shop and is about to let that baby purr when prosecutor Ahn and his team approach him.

He wants the team to win a secret race for some gangsters named Ms. Kang and The General, who launder money around the city. He will grant them all visas to the United States if they do. This is all around when Seoul is hosting the 1988 Olympic games, and Ahn feels a big score is happening around the opening day ceremony.

The group wins and is paid handsomely by Ms. Kang and The General. They are even given luxury apartments. Unfortunately, Director Hyeon Gyun has problems with them and confronts them to shake them down information to see if they will talk. This scares the group, and Dong-wook wants to walk away, but the rest don’t want to give up their new lifestyles. Not to mention, most are skeptical of prosecutor Ahn. And that’s when all hell breaks loose. Woo-sam sleeps with Kang’s lovely secretary to steal imprints of keys to a safe where the criminal organization keeps their ledger.

They approach Ahn but cannot find him but see he has made their visas. Unfortunately, Kang associates toss him from the roof over their car. Dong-wook escapes, but Woo-sam is taken. The group tries to get him back by blackmailing Hyeon Gyun by finding out he was never military. They make a deal to do one final delivery and get Woo-sam back. They coordinate a plan through the Olympic ceremony parade and force Hyeon Gyun off the path and into a wall. He yells something about his bald boss, and his car blows up, taking him with it.

Netflix film Seoul Vibe ending explained

Dong-wook chases the Kang criminal plan with all the money and with a push from his friends, lands his in the back before it takes off. He then fights off the bad guys, hooks up his car to the large stacks of money, and pulls it off the plane, driving his car, you guessed it, off it while it’s thousands of feet in the air. Luckily, they attached three large parachutes to the truck before he attempted the great escape, and it landed safely. (The landing still deployed the airbags).

The Sanggye Supreme Team have their records clear, leave with some money in their pockets, and pay honor to Ahn to end the film. The Kang gang goes to prison, and The General is now in hiding.

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