Love In The Villa ending explained – comedy or tragedy?

September 2, 2022
Louie Fecou 0
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This article explains the ending of the Netflix film Love in the Villa and will contain significant spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free review by clicking these words.

Romantic comedy Love in the Villa follows the story of Julie, off for a break to Verona after her long-term partner has dumped her, but finds the villa double booked with handsome Charlie. They try desperately to chase each other away but end up staying together. However, both their past lives catch up, as Julie’s ex Brandon arrives on the scene, ready to finally propose to her, and Charlie’s on-off fiancé Cassie also makes an appearance. With both couples reunited with their ex-partners, how can their newfound love survive?

Netflix film Love in the Villa ending explained

Charlie and Julie finally seem to be getting it together, but the arrival of Brandon, who decides to propose to Julie, throws things into a tailspin. Charlie and Cassie though, decide that their break-up should be permanent and he goes looking for Julie only to see Brandon proposing, but he is so shocked he doesn’t stick around to see Julie reject the proposal.

When Brandon and Cassie meet the next day, they discuss their mutual situation, both of them now being single. Inevitably this leads to the jilted pair finding common ground, and they decide to talk about it more over a drink.

By now, Julie’s roller-coaster holiday is nearing an end, and she books an Uber to take her to the airport. At the last moment, she realizes that her jacket is still in The Love Villa, so she quickly returns to retrieve it. While inside though, she can hear Charlie outside, and he is theatrically spouting lines from Romeo and Juliet. Julie ends up on the balcony, listening to his performance. She returns inside and Charlie feels dejected thinking he has been snubbed, however, Julie then appears from the doorway.

At last, the revelations become transparent, as Julie shows Charlie there is no engagement ring on her finger, and Charlie relates his split from Cassie. They kiss and presumably live happily ever after.

The final act of Love in the Villa manages to tie up everything nicely for our cast, and although not shown, there is a hint that perhaps even Brandon and Cassie have some sort of future together.

Did you see exactly where this film was going, or were you surprised there was a happy ending? Let us know below