Devil in Ohio episode 5 recap – “Alight”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 2, 2022 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Episode 5 intensifies the story but leaves the audience a little disconnected from the characters.

This recap of the Netflix limited series Devil in Ohio episode 5, “Alight,” contains spoilers.

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When you invite someone into your home from a cult, expect trouble. While Mae probably has good intentions, it’s clear her presence will bring danger to the family. We can all ponder how this will turn out for everyone at this stage. Let’s recap episode 5.

Devil in Ohio episode 5 recap

Episode 5 begins with a flashback in the Edenville Settlement, West Virginia, in Autumn 1922. A man seems tormented with voices in his head as he looks at a crow. He hears “follow me,” so he leaves the graveyard in which he was digging a hole. We are then shown “The Book of Covenants.” This story reveals we are dealing with an old cult laden with satanic promises.

Mae is performing a ritual in the woods, and Suzanne finds her. Mae tells her she wishes to stay with this family by making an offering (we can assume this is where the dead crow is). She reveals to Suzanne that she has broken the chain, as she was meant to marry the First Prophet to maintain the chain; this means that crops will die, and the suffering will continue. Suzanne tells Detective Lopez what Mae told her; she believes the cult has its version of nuns.

Peter learns that no one wants the property he is selling, and Cheryl, his acquaintance, offers to pay for it and take it off his hands. However, Peter is upset that he’s getting lowballed, but it is his only offer. Peter does not accept the offer and asks the bank for an extension of the loan. He’s playing with money at this point, which will undoubtedly impact his marriage.

It’s Halloween in episode 5, which is flagrantly ironic. Mae has copied off Jules for their outfits — they’ve both gone for Carrie. Sebastian picks up both girls for the Halloween party, but someone is following them. At the party, Jules asks Sebastian if he’d like to go to the Harvest Dance with her, but he reveals that Mae has already asked him. Jules is slowly losing her social life to Mae, which is the last straw. She disassociates from the party and wants to go home.

Detective Lopez spies on the Sheriff of Amon County so he can find out where the leader is. The sheriff heads to a meeting with the cult, with the men all donning outfits dressed as crows. They pledge their allegiance to Lucifer while sacrificing a pig. They chant, “the chain shall not be broken.” Detective Lopez watches nearby and takes more photos, getting a picture of Mae’s father.

The ending

Jules angrily confronts Mae about the Harvest Dance. Mae is apologetic, but the police arrive, so the party is disbanded. Jules tells her to get a ride with someone else. Meanwhile, Dani tries to run home on her own, but she is struggling to breathe — she needs her EpiPen as she has an allergic reaction. She manages to get home, but as she grabs her pen, she drops it.

Suzanne learns that her daughter Dani is in trouble. Helen has taken Dani to hospital. It looks like she’s in a coma. Meanwhile, Peter’s property is on fire. The whole family is falling apart, and Mae is at the center of everything.

Meanwhile, Jules gets a lift from a random man at the party. However, it’s clear that he is not taking her home.

Episode 5 intensifies the story but leaves the audience a little disconnected from the characters.

Additional points

  • Jules tells Suzanne about Mae’s trance from the other night when she was in the rain. Suzanne tells Jules that Mae was taught that symbols have power and that she cannot help it.
  • Suzanne asks Mae more about the boy who ran away, Enoch. Mae talks about the full moon. It feels like Suzanne is getting increasingly concerned about Mae’s presence.
  • Helen tries to kiss her friend at the Halloween party, but she reads the situation wrong.

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