Devil in Ohio episode 7 recap – “By Blood”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 2, 2022 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Of course, it could be better, but this series hits many tropes well for pure entertainment.

This recap of the Netflix limited series Devil in Ohio episode 7, “By Blood,” contains spoilers.

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A dance at a school? A full moon arriving? A ritual? This has all the bearings of a typical horror YA story, and it’s not bad at all. Of course, it could be better, but this series hits many tropes well for pure entertainment. My only criticism is that the characters lack depth at times. Let’s recap episode 7.

Devil in Ohio episode 7 recap

Episode 7 opens with Mae continuing to perform her ritual, begging that she can stay with her family. Suzanne then speaks to her and tells her they’ve found a safe place for her to go called Fernwell, a facility. Mae asks Suzanne if she can come back, but Suzanne makes it clear that the whole point of moving to this place is that she will not need her. Mae agrees, but as long as she can go to the Harvest Dance.

Detective Lopez tells Suzanne about an incident that happened on the same night on the full moon — a fire at a squat house in Amontown. They both wonder if James Dressler, the priest, is Enoch, the boy who escaped the cult. They believe if they can get this man to testify, they can help Mae’s case against her father.

Before the Harvest Dance, Mae reveals she is going to the dance with Teddy, Helen’s ex-boyfriend (she recently broke up with him). Mae is also wearing a dress that belongs to Suzanne. This freaks Jules and Helen out.

Suzanne confronts James Dressler at his church and calls him “Enoch.” He tries to walk away, but Detective Lopez corners him. He finally talks about his experiences with Malachi Dodd. He claims Sheriff Wilkins burned down the squat house.

James explains further regarding his life; he figured out that the satanic cult would not go after him if he were a priest at the church as they would not look there. He then reveals they align their ritual to the full moon. Mae is part of the next ritual, hence the mark on her back. She will be burned alive as part of the ritual. Suzanne then realizes it will be a full moon that evening and rushes towards the Harvest Dance, realizing Mae is in trouble.

Meanwhile, Peter is interviewed by the fraud investigator. They want to know what he’s “mixed up” in after learning his bank loan was extended without authorization; the woman at the bank who extended it knew him.

At the Harvest Dance, Mae’s back is exposed to everyone due to her dress, showing her wounds. She’s encouraged by everyone to remain strong and to dance. Jules tells Mae she doesn’t want their friendship anymore. Mae tells Jules she takes her life for granted and is lucky.

The ending

At the Harvest Dance, Mae wins Harvest Queen. However, when she receives her bouquet, she’s reminded of the white rose given to her in the cult – she runs away. Meanwhile, Suzanne is being followed in her car and shunned to the side, causing a head injury. An ambulance arrives to tend to her wounds, and she insists she can still drive, so she continues journeying to the Harvest Dance.

Detective Lopez links the cult to the fire at Peter’s property, and he tells the fraud investigator. Lopez then tells Peter he’s free to go and advises that he keeps an eye on his family.

Suzanne arrives at the school, but Jules tells her they cannot find Mae. Suzanne believes she has been caught and vows to save her, quickly driving off again.

The episode ends with Malachi Dodd preparing the ritual.

Additional points

  • Helen breaks up with her boyfriend, Teddy.

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