Devil in Ohio episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 2, 2022 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Episode 8 leaves the audience with one last twist to end a satisfactory limited series.

This recap of the Netflix limited series Devil in Ohio episode 8, “The Dawning,” the ending explained, contains spoilers.

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Well, we’ve reached the end of this limited series. I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. The characters have lacked some depth, and it has edged too strongly into the teen drama tropes, but overall, this has been a Netflix series worth enjoying. Let’s recap the finale.

Devil in Ohio episode 8 recap – the ending explained

Episode 8 opens with Malachi Dodd — he looks at a crow nearby and says, “it’s time.” Dodd and his cult are ready for the ceremony. Mae’s mother, Abigail, tells Mae that she always believed she’d return and that their people will be saved as long as she is willing. Meanwhile, Suzanne is on her way to save Mae; she leaves Detective Lopez a voicemail with her intentions to help Mae.

And so, Suzanne is outside the church where the cult resides in. Meanwhile, the ceremony for Mae begins; she dons a wedding dress and the feathered crow hat. Malachi Dodd speaks to the congregation, talking about Lucifer and suffering. The sheriff finds Suzanne, and she fights him off, but it starts a fire.

Suzanne is now wearing black robes to blend in. The ceremony is now outside, and Suzanne watches it unfold amongst the group. Malachi Dodd tells them that Mae is the sacrifice for Lucifer. But then the church bell chimes. There’s a fire. Malachi Dodd tells his cult to save the church. Abigail is worried that Malachi will not have the strength to continue the ritual after.

While everyone is distracted, Suzanne finds Abigail and Mae on a wooden platform. Abigail wants Suzanne to leave. As Suzanne climbs to the platform, she has flashbacks of her childhood.

Mae has a decision to make, and she tells Abigail that she does not want to die. She asks her mother to join her. Abigail feels they’d be corrupted by the outside world. The wooden platform sets on fire, so Mae jumps off. Suzanne jumps down, but then she is grabbed by Noah. Mea grabs a shovel and knocks Noah to the ground.

Mae begs for her mother to get down from the platform, but she chooses to sacrifice herself for Lucifer and decides to stay on the burning platform to die.

Meanwhile, Lopez arrives, and he confronts the sheriff. Having little choice, Lopez shoots the sheriff. The cult members return and see that Abigail is sacrificing herself in the flames. Malachi Dodd believes this is a genuine sacrifice and tells the cult they are saved.

An emotional Mae thanks Suzanne for saving her as they make their way home. Their bond since episode 1 is clearer than ever.

Life returns to what is seemingly ordinary, or so we thought; Suzanne admits to her therapist that she wanted to save her inner child, which is why she focused on Mae. She has decided to make some changes and take a break from her job. She is focusing on working on herself. Detective Lopez checks outs the old town where the cult resides. They are all gone.

Suzanne meets Peter, and he makes it clear that Mae cannot come near them or the family. Suzanne asks for an update on the family. It seems the family is separated temporarily while they solve their marital issues. Peter does not want to talk about Mae, believing their problems were never about her. As Peter walks away, Suzanne tells Peter she loves him and is not giving up. Peter returns the sentiment.

The ending

Suzanne receives a call from Detective Lopez; he says the cult is gone, but it wasn’t the cult that dropped off the white roses that triggered Mae at the Harvest Dance. Video footage proves that Mae brought the white roses herself, and she drove to the cult willingly. She set the whole thing up.

Suzanne gets off the phone and returns to the dinner table with Mae, seemingly shocked by what she has just heard. It suddenly dawns on her that she has been manipulated; Mae wanted to stay with Suzanne and the family, and that’s exactly what she got.

The camera pans out, and the ritual Mae has been building in the woods has evolved. In the center of it is a picture of Mae and Suzanne. Mother and daughter, forever. Mae just wanted to feel safe.

Episode 8 leaves the audience with one last twist to end a satisfactory limited series.

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