Devil in Ohio episode 2 recap – “Sanctuary”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 2, 2022 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Episode 2 provides clues to Mae’s life and Suzanne’s past in another intriguing chapter.

This recap of the Netflix limited series Devil in Ohio episode 2, “Sanctuary,” contains spoilers.

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This will undoubtedly be a story where Mae will cause as many problems for the family as the outside forces trying to get her. As I cited in the last recap, this reminds me of the series Servant. Let’s recap episode 2.

Devil in Ohio episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with Mae waiting for permission to leave her room. Suzanne tells her she can leave her bedroom whenever she wants. Issues at the family house start immediately, with a bird flying into the window and cracking the glass. Maybe bringing Mae to the house was a bad idea.

Suzanne brings Mae to social services to assess her for the right family. They appear to have a family for Mae, and Suzanne hopes it will be a suitable environment for her.

At the hospital, Detective Lopez questions Suzanne about Mae. He wants a statement from Mae, but Suzanne tells him she’s a minor and may not be ready yet. Detective Lopez decides to venture out to investigate, heading to the crop fields where Mae ran away. And there, he makes a discovery; he finds a bloody blade in the grass.

Lopez also finds footprints, so he follows them through the crops. He hears crows above him as he can see some crops are dying. And then, he finds a dead pig’s head on a scarecrow with a crow nestled on it and flies buzzing around it. When he looks at the stick holding it up, he sees a symbol that strikes fear into his eyes. As he leaves, he crosses paths with the Sheriff from Amon County, and Lopez can sense something is seriously off.

Mae continues to try to bond with Jules. However, Jules continues to be hesitant about socializing with her. And it’s understandable as to why. Mae has strange energy about her. In the night, Jules wakes up to see a handmade doll beside her bed. Mae made it for her and wants Jules to take a photo of it for her project.

Mae is introduced to a potential foster family, and she is immediately irked by religious symbols in the house. It’s apparent that she does not want to move into this house. She hisses at a couple of the foster children, showing her darker side.

While out shopping, Suzanne loses Mae. She frantically looks for her. Eventually, she finds her outside, sitting on a bench. Mae tells Suzanne she can’t stay in that foster house because there’s no place to hide. Flashbacks show a young girl running away from a sheriff. Suzanne tells Mae that she understands what it is like not to feel safe (another hint of Suzanne’s past).

Suzanne tells social services that Mae needs to be somewhere where she feels safe; she assures them that Mae can stay with her family. Social services approve, and Mae is emotional that she gets to stay with Suzanne’s family.

The ending

As we draw nearer to the end, Jules sees Suzanne tending to Mae’s wounds on her back. She sees the satanic symbolism etched into Mae’s back, and she is freaked out.

Suzanne checks on Jules, and her daughter tells her that she saw the symbol on Mae’s back. Suzanne tells Jules that it is essential that Mae feels safe. Another flashback shows a young girl running away from a sheriff. It’s confirmed that this girl in the flashbacks is Suzanne.

It’s revealed that Peter did not take the bird to the sanctuary that smashed into their house window. It’s dead and in the garage. When he goes to bury it, it’s no longer in the box in the garage. The scene flits to Mae outside with the bird. She uses a knife to etch a symbol on a tree trunk and places the dead bird on top of it before kneeling in a praying position and saying “thank you.”

If you were not freaked out before, you are now. Episode 2 provides clues to Mae’s life and Suzanne’s past in another intriguing chapter.

Additional points

  • Peter is struggling with money due to his business failing and asks the bank to restructure repayments. He manages to buy himself six weeks.
  • At school, Jules continues her friendship with Sebastian.
  • Suzanne plays with the scar on her wrist. Is she from Amon County too?

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