Devil in Ohio episode 3 recap – “Mother’s Keeper”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 2, 2022 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Episode 3 shows a story with more depth, with the pieces coming together regarding Mae’s cult. However, it does lack a bit of spark at this stage.

This recap of the Netflix limited series Devil in Ohio episode 3, “Mother’s Keeper,” contains spoilers.

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As we move forward with this story, it feels like Mae and Suzanne are more similar than the writing has us believe. Of course, I’m unfamiliar with the book this story is based on. So it is purely speculation at this point. Let’s recap episode 3.

Devil in Ohio episode 3 recap

Episode 3 begins with Suzanne leaving work hurriedly. Unbeknownst to her, a satanic symbol has been planted on her car. Suzanne goes to family court with Mae to support her. The judge tells Mae that she needs to enroll at a school. Mae is under the custody of Suzanne’s family for 90 days due to Mae’s parents not showing up. Detective Lopez tells Suzanne that it’s likely that Mae was abused at home.

Afterward, Suzanne asks Mae more questions about her life; flashbacks show Mae getting up in the middle of the night, and suddenly, other children wake up and call her the “chosen one.” Mae’s mother feeds her, telling her she needs strength for “the ceremony.” Back to the present, Suzanne cannot get any more answers from Mae. She rings Detective Lopez, hoping to find a way to get Mae’s parents to appear.

Mae is registered at the same school that Jules attends. You can tell Jules is concerned about this. However, as they get home, Mae sees the satanic symbol on Suzanne’s car, which irks her. She offers to wash the car, and she wipes the symbol away.

While Suzanne has a date night with her husband, her children (Dani and Jules) hang out with Mae. Mae asks Jules about hair plaiting and offers to plait her hair. Flashbacks show that Mae’s hair was braided during the preparation for “the ceremony.” In the middle of the night, Mae tells Jules that she cannot tell anyone where she is from at school. Jules reassures her that everyone “fakes it” at school and that she has nothing to worry about. The two girls bond more and do makeup together.

Detective Lopez interviews the lawyer of Mae’s parents, but he doesn’t get anywhere. The lawyer tells Lopez that he’s infringing on their religious freedom. Mae’s parents do not show up.

Feeling impulsive, Suzanne heads out to Amon County to find Mae’s mother herself. When she reaches a farm, she is told by a threatening man to go home, so she quickly drives off.

The ending

Detective Lopez rings Suzanne and tells her he believes Mae is from a cult that may be involved in trafficking humans. Suzanne then checks her mail, and inside is a note that says, “Abigail Dodd, please call me regarding Mae,” with a number at the bottom.

As Suzanne heads inside, Mae is in the kitchen in her white gown, claiming she wants a glass of water. She calls Suzanne a “nice mother.”

Flashbacks show Mae as part of the ceremony again. Her mother gives her a hat made of crow feathers. Mae is upset, believing her mother was going to help her. But the mother tells her that the ceremony must continue to stop the suffering. She gives Mae a drink to “help with the pain.” In the present, Mae tells Suzanne that her mother betrayed her.

The flashbacks continue to weave with the present day. In the present, Mae cuts up a piece of meat with a sharp knife getting increasingly upset. In the flashback, Mae is presented in an eery church-like congregation. A man stands behind her in a crow-like outfit.

Episode 3 shows a story with more depth, with the pieces coming together regarding Mae’s cult. However, it does lack a bit of spark at this stage.

Additional points

  • Suzanne heads out for date night with her husband, Peter. Her husband is anxious about the costs of caring for Mae.
  • Jules asks Mae about her wounded back, and Mae quickly covers up the scars.
  • Peter goes hunting with an acquaintance. He wants help to get clients from his acquaintance.
  • Mae makes friends with the school newspaper editor and immediately gets involved, which seems to irk Jules.

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