Upload Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – A shocking death raises the stakes for the finale

By Adam Lock
Published: November 10, 2023
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Upload Season 3 Episode 7
Upload Season 3 | Image via Prime Video


Upload delivers its best episode of the season so far with an exciting, explosive finale. “Upload Day” also includes an adorable subplot, focusing on Nathan and Nora’s relationship.

The Prime Video comedy series Upload moves ever closer to its Season 3 finale, with its penultimate episode, “Upload Day.” In Episode 7, Nora and Nathan plan a romantic day together, before Nathan re-uploads back into Lakeview, but the court case gets in the way. Pretty unequivocally, this is the best episode of the season thus far, and the writers have finally managed to make this central romance work perfectly once again.

Beware, this article, which unpacks all the juicy details, contains spoilers.

Upload Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Nathan showing Nora around his virtual reality coding room. He plans on creating his very own Lakeview in there, so that the couple can live happily ever after together, away from the troubles of the real world and the unpredictability of the digital realm.

Why is Nathan re-uploading?

Nathan has wasted most of his time perfecting the coding for a single chair though and the room needs working on. This backup plan has been pushed to the forefront though as Nathan clocks in a full month in the real world. It’s only a matter of time before his head explodes. They decide to re-upload Nathan before this one-month anniversary and before Nathan’s inevitable death.

To celebrate this uploading, Nathan and Nora plan a romantic day together. It’s the send-off that Nathan never got the first time around, but their plans are constantly being delayed on this, his second “Upload Day.” Holden asks Nora to head over to the offices, she is needed right away. Nathan thoughtfully accepts these delays without any complaints.

Why does Ingrid use Nora’s avatar?

Back in Lakeview, Ingrid probes backup Nathan about his flirtations with Nora the previous day. Backup Nathan admits that he nearly kissed Nora, but promises that nothing happened. Ingrid is furious anyway and plans to use Nora’s avatar to go undercover. She hopes to trick backup Nathan into displaying his real emotions for Nora.

In the other subplots, Aleesha worries about Karina’s twisted allegiances and asks Luke to vet her in person. Meanwhile, Ivan and backup Nathan discuss David Choak’s hard drive in public. One of the AI Guys overhears this secret conversation. Ivan panics and forces the AI Guy to keep his secret safe. Of course, the AI Guy struggles to follow such orders.

Ingrid then takes over Nora’s avatar and speaks with backup Nathan in Lakeview’s lobby. Backup Nathan susses her out almost immediately but plays along. Ingrid is then put to work, discovering firsthand how poorly Nora has been treated by her fellow co-workers at Lakeview.

Out in the real world, Nathan waits for Nora’s meetings to finish. She explains that the evidence against David Choak can’t be used as it is classed as stolen property. They need someone to testify instead. Nathan volunteers, but it needs to be someone alive. In the meantime, Nathan orders some spicy food.

What does Holden offer Nora?

After yet more meetings, Nora has some good news. Holden might be able to get Nora a permanent position in the firm and pay for her to go to law school. Nathan is genuinely pleased for his partner, although their special day is interrupted once more.

Meanwhile, Luke bonds with Karina over drinks. He impresses her with stories of his many hacks in Lakeview. This ends with Luke losing his premium access though. Luke was at first fond of Karina, but this sudden betrayal completely changes his opinion of her. Karina is not to be trusted.

After a long day working as Nora’s avatar, Ingrid returns to her partner. Backup Nathan hints at Ingrid’s lies, but she just tells him that Nora is having a tough time at work. She now sympathizes with her enemy. The couple then cuddle, seemingly happy together for now.

Who is the star witness?

The penultimate episode then concludes in the real world. Nathan and Nora finally leave the offices after a busy day of meetings. It is revealed that the team’s star witness is the download specialist Dr Ari Kapoor, who has been kept in hiding until this point.

They are informed that Dr Kapoor took a bribe and purposely sabotaged the first-ever download. This explains why the download’s head exploded in the first place, but Nathan has miraculously survived unharmed for a full month. They are then told that the corporations wanted to keep downloads a secret, as they would have been far more desirable than uploads. Essentially, humans could remain in the real world forever, instead of in a virtual reality indefinitely.

How does Upload Season 3 Episode 7 end?

Nathan and Nora are shocked by these updates. They are unsure whether Dr Kapoor can be trusted or not. But there are positives to this information too. The news means that Nathan’s head isn’t going to explode. He is safe to live in the real world and doesn’t need to upload after all.

As they go to celebrate the good news, Dr Kapoor is assassinated by the very same criminal who attacked Nora in a previous installment. With Dr Kapoor dead, they have now lost their key witness.

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