Upload Season 3 Ending Explained – What is Betta?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 10, 2023
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Upload Season 3 Ending Explained
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“Flesh and Blood” is an action-packed finale that covers lots of narrative in a short period. The writers take us on a rollercoaster of emotions, with many ups and downs.

In the finale of Prime Video’s Upload Season 3, Nora and the gang take Freeyond to court, hoping to destroy the evil corporation for good. Episode 8, titled “Flesh and Blood”, is an action-packed ending, which will appease fans of the series. Of course, the show ends its third season run with another compelling, if inevitable, cliffhanger to keep viewers coming back for more, as well as a rebranding for Horizen, who are now known as Betta.

While it’s great to see Nathan and Nora’s romance fleshing out further, the cliffhanger twist ending feels a little trashy. Still, the finale is impressive in how much ground it coherently covers in such a short runtime.

Let’s breakdown the whole thing. Needless to say there will be major spoilers.

Upload Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

The finale starts with the court case. Karina and Aleesha watch Lucy being questioned from the safety of their hotel suite. Aleesha has been suspicious of Karina for a while now, but her partner is just straight-up vicious as Lucy is torn apart in court.

During a break in proceedings, Nathan and Nora discuss their future together. The news about Dr Kapoor’s coverup has changed their fortune somewhat. Nathan can now live happily in the real world. He hints at plans to propose or possibly even marry Nora in Montreal. The couple get excited about their future plans.

Why is Aleesha scared of breaking up with Karina?

With Nathan’s proposal plans in place, he asks Luke to be his best man. Luke is delighted to have been offered such a responsibility. He says yes almost immediately. Interestingly, Aleesha is listening in on this conversation. She talks to Luke in private about her concerns with Karina. Aleesha is scared to leave Karina, believing that if she does, she could lose her job in the process.

After Dr Kapoor’s assassination, the gang needed a new star witness, someone who can confirm the corruption. Ingrid seems to be the perfect candidate. Nathan and Nora decide to ask Ingrid to testify, but plan on wining and dining her first, to lure her into agreeing to this difficult task.

The couple dress for the occasion and attend a fancy meal together. Backup Nathan phones just before Ingrid arrives though. He informs them that he is going to propose to Ingrid that very night. Real Nathan and Nora are annoyed by this ironic setup. It seems real Nathan was also going to propose tonight and has now changed his mind.

Ingrid soon arrives but refuses to testify. Nora works her magic and manages to convince Ingrid to change her stance. Ingrid then returns to Lakeview for a less-than-romantic proposal. Backup Nathan chooses an over-the-top location, which upsets Ingrid greatly. She wanted it to be perfect, but backup Nathan has failed miserably. Ingrid says no.

What is Aleesha’s plan to take down Freeyond?

Elsewhere, Aleesha and Luke plan to take down Karina and Freeyond. With Tinsley and AI Guy’s help, they work together to distract Karina and steal her incriminating computer files. They get Karina’s login details first, and then Aleesha makes copies of Karina’s files while she is distracted.

Back in the real world, Ingrid ditches backup Nathan and agrees to testify in court. All she has to do is link David Choak and Freeyond, but she’s still an emotional wreck. Ingrid is questioned and falls apart. She defends Nathan but is quickly caught out, confessing to there being two Nathans out there, who she is in love with.

Aleesha and Luke’s mission works a treat. They celebrate afterward and accidentally kiss one another. Aleesha panics and exits Lakeview instantly. Now in the real world, Aleesha sends the incriminating files over to Nora. Hopefully, they can save the court case, which Ingrid has nearly ruined.

Does Ingrid accept backup Nathan’s proposal?

In Lakeview, backup Nathan tries a different approach and pulls off a much more romantic proposal. Ingrid says yes, this time around. Later she invites AI Guy to her wedding. She now has an extravagant party to organize.

Back at the court case, Holden reads through Karina’s files. It looks like they have enough evidence to bury Freeyond. Once again, Nora and Nathan are optimistic about their future. They discuss marriage licenses in Canada. Nathan isn’t even subtle anymore.

What is the result of the court case?

Holden then announces that they have won the court case thanks to the last-minute additional evidence. Each family who lost a loved one to Freeyond’s scheme will be compensated with $1 million. Nora asks to take this news public, but they are unable to do so. Holden was only representing her own clients, not the Uploads in general. Uploads are still not seen as legal people, the laws haven’t been changed. Nora is heartbroken.

Aleesha updates Luke on this bad news. They won’t be going public with Freeyond’s lies. Aleesha realizes that she will be fired for her betrayal. She will be unable to see Luke ever again. This couple has finally gotten together and it looks like they will just as quickly be separated from one another.

Nathan and Nora are less optimistic again. They destroyed Freeyond and gained some real justice for all those mourning families, but they didn’t fix everything. Nathan wants to concentrate on his relationship now that the court case is over. He says that they can’t make their marriage official, but they know in their hearts that it is so.

They kiss each other. Unfortunately, this (sort of) happy ending is short-lived. Nathan is subsequently arrested by the Horizen security guards and then whisked away from Nora’s side.

How does Upload Season 3 end? What is Betta?

As the season draws to an end, we are shown a new advertisement from Horizen. They are changing their name to Betta, after all the controversy. And Horizen (or Betta) is also introducing a new system where Uploads can work within Lakeview. This is called Workload. It would appear that the evil bosses finally got their way in the end.

In the final sequence, backup Nathan is chased and shot at in Lakeview. Both of the Nathans have gone missing and cannot be reached. The gang tries to get in touch with the two Nathans once more, but are fresh out of luck. Eventually, they get a phone call from one of the Nathans, who informs them that the other Nathan has been destroyed. But which Nathan are we left with?

What did you think of Upload Season 3 Episode 8 and the ending? Comment below.

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