Upload Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – Is Nora dead?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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Upload Season 3 Episode 6 Recap
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“Memory Crackers” focuses on the many messy romances of Upload, and these repetitive and meandering scenes are starting to get rather convoluted now though, concentrating on the complex relationships of the series. These romances are probably the weakest element of the series at the moment, leading to a lackluster installment on the whole.

After the Episode 5’s shocking twist ending, viewers will be desperate to find out what exactly happens to Nora in the Prime Video original series Upload. The third season continues to build momentum with Episode 6, “Memory Crackers,” focusing on a new developing love triangle between Nora and the two Nathans.

This article contains spoilers.

Upload Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth installment begins with the two Nathans parting ways. Suddenly, their mother calls, she has received a strange package in the post. It happens to be from Ivan and it contains David Choak on a hard drive. Now they have some serious evidence they can use against Freeyond. Real Nathan calls Nora to tell her the good news, but she doesn’t answer his calls.

We then return to Nora in Lakeview. Nora is overwhelmed to discover that she is dead. Aleesha questions her about the suspicious circumstances surrounding her last 24 hours. This interrogation confuses Nora, who knows all of Lakeview’s protocols.

Is Nora dead?

Karina pushes Aleesha to press Nora harder, revealing the truth of this setup. Nora isn’t dead at all and she isn’t in Lakeview either. She is being kept prisoner on a fake set, which is built to look like Lakeview. Karina wants to know the truth about Nora’s private investigation and has conned her hostage.

Aleesha is concerned about the legitimacy of this probing though. Karina admits that they are breaking many laws, but Nora is a security risk. She is hiding something and they need to find out what it is. With Aleesha failing to gain any clues herself, Karina goes in to interrogate Nora. But Aleesha uses this opportunity to protect her old friend without Karina’s knowledge, telling Nora to keep quiet. Nora manages to fool Karina and is released.

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Nora’s last day’s worth of memories are wiped. She has no idea what has just happened to her, believing that she was mugged. Nora tells Nathan about her weird dreams, then informs her lover that the pills he’s taking aren’t real, Dr Kapoor tricked them. Now the doctor has gone missing and she was chased. Nathan updates Nora about David’s hard drive in the meantime.

What does Nathan do with David Choak’s memories?

Real Nathan then speaks with David Choak, who they have trapped on a hard drive. The villain refuses to answer any questions. Nora and the two Nathans split up and tackle the task at hand, analyzing all of David’s memories, searching for any incriminating evidence.

This task allows backup Nathan and Nora the chance to chat to one another in private. They discuss their relationships. Nora finds herself flirting with fake Nathan and panics. Meanwhile, Ingrid gets drunk by herself, worried that she’s ruined her chances with backup Nathan.

What do they find in David Choak’s memories?

Real Nathan finds some possibly incriminating footage and shows the group. In this footage, David Choak and the other Upload bosses discuss the votes. They want to change the law so that all Uploads can work. With their dodgy dealings, they look set to win the majority of votes. Nora sees Karina in the footage, vaguely remembering the woman from her dreams.

Drunk Ingrid then interrupts Nathan’s work. Ingrid worries that backup Nathan and Nora are hanging out. She’s suspicious that they might be having an affair. Real Nathan doesn’t trust his own double either. Nathan and Ingrid talk about their jealousy issues.

Ingrid and the real Nathan open up to one another. Real Nathan doesn’t feel like himself since the download and Ingrid has serious self-confidence issues. At the same time, backup Nathan and Nora chat. Backup Nathan doesn’t trust Ingrid, who continually lies to him. Nora tries to defend Ingrid though.

What does Oliver say about Ingrid?

Another incriminating piece of footage shows David Choak and Ingrid’s father Oliver Kannerman talking. They have an evil plan to save a fortune. David Choak wants to rent the Uploads. Ingrid’s name is mentioned in the discussion. Her father wishes that Ingrid had died too.

This news hurts Ingrid terribly, her own father wants her dead. Ingrid just wants someone to be proud of her. Real Nathan says that he is and the old lovers hug. Ingrid takes this kindness as a flirtatious move and tries to make out with Nathan. He rejects her advances though.

How does Upload Season 3 Episode 6 end?

The episode then ends with backup Nathan and Nora. Nora is annoyed that a drunk Ingrid and her Nathan are currently socializing together. She admits that real Nathan has lost his confidence since the download. They spend too much time discussing the conspiracy too, hinting at a declining love life.

Backup Nathan takes this as a sign and makes a move on Nora. They nearly kiss, but Nora rejects backup Nathan. She still loves real Nathan despite his faults. They both agree to stay with their respective partners. Backup Nathan kisses Nora on the forehead instead, although he’s clearly confused by all this, unsure where his loyalties lie.

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