See season 3, episode 2 recap – “Watch Out for Wolves”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 2, 2022
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“Watch Out for Wolves” is low on tension and filled with dawdling action sequences, but the show still feels like it is building towards something exciting. It’s an acceptable offering, yet the show has the potential for much more.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series See season 3, episode 2, “Watch Out for Wolves,” contains spoilers.

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See returned with a bang last week, as a vengeful leader brought his latest invention to the battlefield. Baba Voss was finally found, hiding in the woods, and the villainous Sibeth gave birth to her incestuous offspring, a baby boy. In episode two, “Watch Out for Wolves”, the Trivantians try to negotiate a peace treaty with Queen Maghra and Baba’s eventual homecoming ends in more chaos.

See season 3, episode 2 recap

The episode opens with Baba reeling from that deadly explosion that claimed poor Bow Lion in the premiere’s climactic scene. Ranger and Lu come to his aid, but he is devastated when they inform him of Lion’s passing. Baba blames himself for this attack and worries over the significance of this new, ungodly weaponry. Ranger and Baba discuss this advancement in modern warfare and the exiled leader acknowledges that he must go warn Maghra of the ensuing assault.

Maghra is busy dealing with trials and tribulations of her own though. She has imprisoned the witch finders who burnt an innocent, sighted man to death. Tamacti Jun advises the Queen to kill these traitors and then to go deal with her own sister afterwards. Everyone wants Sibeth dead for the crimes she has committed, but Maghra is finding it hard to allow harm to come to her deranged sibling. Tamacti Jun warns the rest of Lucien’s people to stop the witch trials, but their army is growing and I can’t see them listening to this idle threat.

Harlan tries to sweeten the deal with Ambassador Trovere. The couple sleep together and then whilst still in bed, negotiate a deal after their lovemaking is over. Harlan agrees to give the Trivantians free coal, with Trovere adding that they will require fresh batches for every day that Maghra stalls. Trovere wants to take Sibeth back with her as a bargaining tool, yet Maghra seems conflicted on the matter.

Maghra’s tough decision is made a lot easier by Sibeth herself. The woman can’t help but be cruel to the new queen, stating that she would have done the right thing a long time ago, hinting that she would sacrifice her own sister if she had to. Sibeth is only silenced when Maghra admits that the enemy want her alive, which could imply years of torture for the dethroned queen.

Tip-toeing around the base, Wren finds Oloman chained up by Tormada’s people. She asks him about these ‘fire’ weapons, which he explains are a technology of the ancients and are called bombs. Oloman was forced to create these deadly weapons and has already made hundreds of explosives for Tormada’s war. They have Oloman’s family held captive, so he had no other choice but to comply. Wren offers to free him and they make their escape. The sighted duo are attacked though and Oloman is badly injured. Wren flees alone, hoping to warn the world of Tormada’s plans.

Kofun finally succumbs to his urges and meets with Sibeth and his new-born son. The son has been named Wolffe. Kofun holds his son for the first time, but soon realizes that the child is blind. Kofun storms off and then Maghra takes the baby from Sibeth as punishment for her vicious words. The Queen has had enough of Sibeth and her manipulative ways. She accepts the terms of the treaty and allows Trovere to take Sibeth in exchange.

The ending

Baba waits for Maghra in her bedroom that night. She is at first angry and violent towards Baba, but then her confusion turns to tears and they embrace. It’s a mixture of emotions for the separated couple. Maghra was deserted, but needs her companion. Baba warns her of Tormada’s plans and his latest weapon of fire and thunder. Maghra talks of peace, worried Baba was mistaken or completely misinformed. Baba says she has been lied to and deceived. He goes hunting for the Ambassador in secret, finding her in Harlan’s bed (of course). She blows her warning whistle and Baba is suddenly surrounded by her guards. He puts up a valiant effort, but they easily arrest him.

Maghra is furious that the hot-headed thug decided to go rogue, ignoring her pleas. His reckless behavior may have now undone all their peace talks. In private the couple converse once again. Baba asks about the baby and is maddened to hear of Kofun and Sibeth’s illegitimate partnership. He asks about Paris’ whereabouts and screams with an unquenchable fury at the news of her death. Baba races after Sibeth, the culprit, hungry for revenge, but the lunatic isn’t in her room and is nowhere to be found at all. Has she escaped or has she been taken?

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