Wedding Season (2022) season 1 review – Hulu’s British comedy-thriller is a gem

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 8, 2022
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Wedding Season enjoys the human flaw of love, false intuition, and a decent whodunnit.

This review of Hulu’s Wedding Season (2022) season 1 does not contain spoilers or any significant plot points.

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Desperate, hopeless romantics always get themselves in the stickiest of situations. Their desire for that all-consuming, fairytale love is more a claim for much-needed self-love for anything.

And that’s why the theme of Hulu’s Wedding Season is enticing, as it mixes romance with a compelling murder mystery entwined with an overarching conspiracy. The action comedy series follows love-thirsty Stefan (played by Gavin Drea), who is convinced that Katie (Rosa Salazar) is the love of his life. But this is out of habit; based on his friends’ perspective, Stefan routinely idolizes his latest love interest. Stefan decides to charge into Katie’s wedding to stop the ceremony, and he’s met with bitter disappointment as Katie ruthlessly rejects him.

However, later at the wedding, many guests are murdered, and Stefan and Katie are the main suspects. Mixed with comedy and charisma, Wedding Season is a fun whodunnit.

With plenty of on-screen chemistry and irony, the characters are the main selling point of this series. Stefan continues to be misled by skewed reality. His insistence on believing Katie becomes the comedy of events, as the series uses various flashbacks to help the viewers understand what happened on that famous wedding day. Viewers will be thrust into a timeline, showing how Stefan met Katie, and the truth behind that ruthless rejection. Of course, the question of who the killer is is etched into the mind.

But putting aside the killer question, this British comedy-thriller is a little gem full of action and humor. The cast appears to enjoy themselves as their characters enjoy the world as their playground. Hulu made the right call giving this series a full binge experience. It’s hard to put down, and that’s the key for whodunnits — if the viewers want to stay around, then the mystery has been a success.

Wedding Season enjoys the human flaw of love, false intuition, and a decent whodunnit.

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