No Limit ending explained – what’s the key message?

By Romey Norton
Published: September 9, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film No Limit and will contain spoilers.

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No Limit starts with somber music and a young girl standing looking out into the open ocean alone on a beach. The girl is greeted by an old man (who we learn is her grandfather) who hands her diving gear and she begins to swim in the crystal clear waters.

We’re given shots of the girl swimming alone in the ocean, then she rises out of the water slightly older, showing us that she’s been swimming/diving all her life. 

Roxy, whilst she is a strong female lead and is constantly improving and developing, is still defined by the men around her. Her grandfather, her lover, her friends, her team, even when she states she’s taking on the dangerous No Limit dive for her, it’s only because she’s been orchestrated and manipulated into it, proving herself to everyone around her. 

Roxy denies the wishes of her mother, and Roxy’s attempt at suicide was inspired and promoted because her father also committed suicide. She denies being a sex symbol, but it’s suggested she’s only in the position she is because she slept her way there. This film is very sexually driven, so she is defined by her body and how she’s using it, both in and out of the ocean. 

Pascal’s character is dark, devious, and very hyper-masculine. He’s a leader, he’s sexy, and is a driving force for Roxy. From the beginning of their relationship we know he’s a cheater, a liar, and gets away with everything because he is the star athlete. As he develops Roxy he sees her as competition, not only that he sees her as his possession. 

Towards the end of the film, Roxy follows Pascal and catches him cheating on her, which then causes Roxy to go and cheat on Pascal with Tom, making them as bad as each other, still flawed, still fighting their instincts and demons. Pascal being the know-it-all he is finds out, and he’s not going to let this go unpunished. 

Netflix film No Limit ending explained

Stakes are high for Roxy as she’s going to attempt a new world record for 173 meters. Pascal goes to do a final check on her equipment after Tom and Stephan have already done so. Before Roxy goes under he gives her one kiss — is this the kiss of death, or a romantic good luck gesture?

As Roxy is sinking further and further into the dark, lonely waters, she looks uncomfortable. As she tries to release to allow herself to come back up, it’s jammed. It’s a very gentle, calm scene of her slowly returning to the top, with soft piano music and whale song. Roxy slowly let’s go as she has run out of breath. On the surface, it’s been over seven minutes and everyone begins to panic to get her out of the water. They drag her out, but it’s too late. Pascal has conducted the perfect murder, one where he can place blame on someone else. 

In the final scene we have an old man sitting in a boat, sobbing. We assume this is Roxy’s grandfather, as he takes the urn and sprinkles her ashes into the water. The shot is from under the water so we see her ashes slowly dance around in the currents, as the boat drives away. 

The message I take away is a sad one — she was always better off alone, and with risk doesn’t always come reward. Freediving represents letting go of all frustrations and anger, getting to know yourself, and trusting your instincts, and I don’t think she really did. In the physical sense, she did, she was able to almost set a world record for the longest free dive, but personally, and mentally, I think her character couldn’t shake her demons which lead to her downfall. 

The final shot is in loving memory of the real Audrey Mestre, 1974-2002. 

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