Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 4 Recap – “Downward Spiral”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 4 Recap
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“Downward Spiral” is an improved installment that fully leans into the show’s guilty pleasure antics. There’s a hilarious montage with Johnny at his new work, while the dojo rivalries descend into dramatic spats for both the teen and adult gangs.

Episode 3 ended with Terry finally living up to his villainous infamy, when Mike Barnes’ furniture store was dramatically left ablaze. In Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 4, Daniel and Chozen worry how Terry will retaliate after their meddling. Johnny starts a new job to pay the bills for his ever-growing family and there is drama down at the water park between the two rival dojos.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

“Downward Spiral” opens with a Top Gun inspired homage as Carmen dreams of the perfect life. In this fantasy, Johnny is a real Casanova in the bedroom and a family man outside of it. Johnny cares for Carmen, Miguel and their new-born baby, whilst finding time to indulge in some volleyball as well. In this instalment, Johnny realizes that he must care for this expanding family and starts to apply for jobs.

Shannon arrives to pick up Robby’s things ready for the long summer vacation. She instantly recognizes that old familiar panic on Johnny’s face and assumes Carmen is pregnant. Johnny doesn’t try to hide the truth, but stresses the importance of finding a job. Shannon suggests becoming a driver for hire and promises to help him set up his new business with Demetri’s help. The geek sets him up with an ancient, cracked phone and the rideshare app.

Johnny’s foray into the taxi and delivery service doesn’t start all too well. His customer service leaves a lot to be desired and he receives countless one star ratings. It’s a funny sequence as Johnny blasts music, misses turnings and urinates into a can whilst driving. He quickly hates this new job, but understands exactly why he is doing it. The complaints and long hours seem worth it if he can concentrate on providing for his family instead. Johnny phones up Shannon and offers to look after Robby this summer, stating that he is maturing. Shannon accepts and Johnny drives to pick him up.

While Johnny is maturing, Daniel is slipping into old, childish habits. He worries what Terry is planning next, although Chozen and Daniel don’t seem that fussed about Mike losing his business. Chozen is left to man the fort, whilst Daniel and Amanda attend a charity auction. Of course, Terry is involved somehow, the auction is being hosted at his swanky pad. Daniel knows Terry is plotting something truly awful at the auction, but he can’t suss him out. Amanda grows weary of this rivalry and asks that Daniel doesn’t embarrass her in front of these respectable guests. Terry tells Amanda that he is a changed man, who just wants to make a difference for these underprivileged teens. He mentions Chozen roughing up his senseis, clearly stirring the pot further.

Amanda is frustrated that Daniel kept some secrets from her. Terry’s plan seems to be working a treat. Daniel auctions off three rare bonsai trees, which Terry snaps up for a generous donation. In private, the two rivals talk and Terry gets underneath Daniel’s skin even more. They argue and Daniel pushes Terry, knocking the bonsai tree pots over. As they smash onto the floor, the charity organizer heads over. Daniel makes a scene and Amanda leaves out of utter embarrassment.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 4 Ending

The third subplot takes place at a water park, where the teens provide their own drama. Sam and Miguel awkwardly socialize with one another after their break-up. Whilst Tory and Robby are reunited after his Mexico trip. Robby pleads with his girlfriend to leave Cobra Kai, but she isn’t having any of it. Tensions rise when Kenny and his cronies bully Anthony, then the two gangs nearly end up fighting. It is decided that they will race one another instead, with the winning team claiming the park. Tory races Hawk, but his rubber ring is deflated and Tory wins. The lifeguards intervene and all the teens are kicked out of the water park anyway.

In the final moments, Tory and Robby split up. Miguel and Robby then square up to one another and argue over where Robby’s allegiances lie. Robby says that he has left Cobra Kai, but Miguel only sees Robby defending the enemy. Johnny turns up just in time to stop the two boys from fighting, but Robby storms off. Back at the LaRusso family home, Amanda tells Daniel that she is leaving with the kids, adding that she can’t take his petty rivalry any longer.

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