Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 Recap – “Extreme Measures”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 Recap
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Every conflict seems to end in a fight, but it is exciting to see this simmering rivalry finally building some momentum. “Extreme Measures” has snippets of humor, heart, and tension, yet can’t quite escape its melodramatic tone.

The rivalry between Terry Silver and Daniel LaRusso heats up in Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 as an anonymous tip-off sends the Miyagi-Do team in a new direction. Meanwhile, Johnny continues to force Miguel and Robby into facing their indifferences head on, in the hopes of bringing his family closer together. And the LaRusso clan address their own issues in this packed instalment.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

“Extreme Measures” opens with an intense work-out session from Tory. An old face returns to Cobra Kai in the form of Stingray, played by Paul Walter Hauser (Black Bird). Terry praises Stingray for his loyalty and the students all applaud him. Stingray thanks Terry for renting him an apartment. Terry continues to lavish his friend with gifts though, presenting him with a sports car, which used to belong to Johnny Lawrence. It looks like Terry is gathering his allies together for a possible showdown with Daniel.

Daniel finds himself alone in the house after Amanda left with the kids. He has turned to the drink and asks Chozen to politely pack up and leave. Things have gotten slightly out of hand and Daniel doesn’t know how to move forward. Chozen finds a newspaper cutting in the post, which implies that Stingray is a liar. There’s an address supplied with the note. A fresh clue in the case maybe? Daniel and Chozen follow this lead and find Stingray’s fancy new pad.

Stingray allows Daniel and Chozen into his home, but defends Terry, saying the villain is a changed man. Daniel lays out the scheme, believing Stingray was told to lie about Kreese, so Terry could have the Cobra Kai empire to himself. For Stingray’s loyalty he has been rewarded with these riches and forced to keep quiet. The bumbling Stingray nearly admits to the whole plan, but continues to defend Terry. Daniel sees red and pushes Stingray. The buffoon falls backwards and breaks one of his video game consoles.

Daniel turns to Johnny for some advice, whilst secretly hoping to gain a new ally in his war against Terry. But Johnny is dealing with his own issues. He’s tried to get Miguel and Robby together twice now to hash out their problems, yet these two stubborn teens won’t engage in the process at all. An elaborate lie at lunch and then at his home via a comical escape room all ended in the obstinate teens storming off. Johnny tells Daniel that he is done with the dojo rivalry. He is happy he got his son (Robby) out of there and landed Kreese in prison, he wants nothing else to do with Terry or Cobra Kai.

Daniel becomes argumentative, nearly fighting with Johnny, but his old friend sees Daniel’s troubled situation. He’s acting erratically, stinks of booze and then admits himself that his family have moved out. Johnny and Daniel give each other some genuinely heartfelt advice and thank one another for the heart to heart. It’s great to see the two friends back together again. Johnny takes on board some of Daniel’s sentiments and forces Miguel and Robby to fight one another after all else fails. It’s frustrating that every dilemma ends in a fight on the show, but I suppose this is a series about karate after all. Although, it is hard to ignore the problematic messages this series is promoting about conflict. Miguel and Robby fight, with the brawl bringing back memories from the past. They make amends and Johnny accidentally lets slip that Carmen is pregnant, which eases the tensions even further.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 Ending

Talking of fights, Amanda and her family go out for drinks with her cousin Jesse. This turns into a barroom brawl and Sam saves the day with her legendary karate kick. Jesse updates Amanda about Daniel’s historic rivalry with Terry, begging the wife to cut Daniel some slack. There’s another scuffle in one of the closing scenes of the chapter too. Daniel visits Stingray to apologize, but finds Terry there instead. Daniel surrenders, accepting that this battle isn’t worth it anymore. People are getting hurt, it’s causing too much damage. Terry won’t accept his submission though and the enemies fight. Terry ends victorious, beating Daniel quite badly. He tells his rival that this is just the beginning, there is more pain to come.

In a twist ending, Tory confesses to sending the newspaper cutting and tells Kreese that she hates what she is becoming. The duo are chatting at the prison and Kreese verbalizes his pure hatred for Terry, stating that the villain is going down. Johnny brings his family together for a lovely meal and then visits the LaRusso household. The old gang are getting back together to take on Terry once and for all.

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