Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 9 Recap – “Survivors”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 9 Recap
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As usual, the series mixes serious conflict with trivial fun or outright absurdity. The narrative is gearing up for an epic showdown, and Tory’s subplot packs a real punch. Yet the creators can’t help but throw in some ridiculous rivalry to ruin the impressive build-up.

It’s the penultimate installment (Episode 9) of Cobra Kai Season 5 and the rival dojos are preparing for their upcoming tournament performance. Secrets are revealed and key students must decide whose side they are on before the battle truly commences. There’s chance for some harmless fun as well as the adults decide to party to celebrate the (double) good news.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

“Survivors” kicks off moments after the previous episode ended. Miguel is searching for Sam, who just witnessed her ex making out with some random girl. Sam is busy outside fighting Tory though. Sam’s nemesis has just disclosed the all-important news, Sam was cheated out of her title. Cobra Kai cheated and Tory unfairly won the match. Sam states that her entire family suffered because of this lie and ponders why Tory has only just come forward with the revelation. Robby and Miguel split up the fight and Sam explains that Tory is working with Kreese. Tory realizes that this was a mistake and flees.

Johnny and Carmen are at the hospital for their first baby scan. The baby is healthy and all is well for the happy couple. They take the lift, where they meet their foe, Terry. It’s a bit of a coincidence meeting your enemy in a hospital lift, but Terry uses this opportunity to congratulate the couple, adding that they should savor every moment. Johnny recounts this story to the LaRussos and they debate whether they are been followed by Terry and his goons. Johnny and Carmen announce their pregnancy and the gang decide to plan a night out to celebrate.

Sam informs the rest of the Miyagi-Do students about Tory’s confession. Terry paid a referee to manipulate the outcome of the tournament and then framed Kreese so that he would end up in prison. They consider telling the adults, but decide to keep it a secret for now. Bert mentions that he is friends with Stingray and can hopefully gain a confession from his geeky pal. They head over to Stingray’s pad and ambush the coward.

Stingray is playing Dungeons and Dragons with his so-called friends, who instantly bail. The gang ask Stingray to tell the truth, but he defends himself and Terry. Sam says how people are suffering because of his lies and he admits that he can’t be truthful, even if he wanted to. He’s scared of Terry and knows that the villain would find out somehow if he was to confess. Instead of being honest, Stingray uses the Dungeons and Dragons format to tell a fictional tale, which actually spells out what exactly transpired that night. Stingray was beaten up by Terry, who then framed Kreese. Terry nearly killed Stingray and he fears retribution. Stingray admits that he wants honor, but that he is no warrior at all.

Back at Cobra Kai, Tory is trained vigorously as punishment for her cowardice at the qualifier fight. Kim trains her hard, forcing the girl to punch solid stone. Tory refuses, but is coerced into this twisted form of self-harm. She punches the stone until her fists bleed and then she collapses on the floor. Tory states that she gave up her relationship with Robby for the dojo and Terry commands that she continues to make these sacrifices going forwards.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 9 Ending

Sam meets up with Tory at her messy flat eager to hear her enemy’s side of the story. Tory explains that winning the All Valley championship was the best moment of her life, but finding out the truth destroyed her. She wanted revenge and turned to Kreese. She felt like a fraud, caught up in an ever-growing web of lies, admitting that her life is now a living hell. Sam says that they can help each other out. Stingray has confessed, but he’s too afraid to go to the police and the gang don’t have enough evidence to take Terry down on their own. We aren’t made privy to their future plans, but I am sure they will team up to take Terry down once and for all.

The final subplot of the episode involves Daniel, Amanda, Johnny, Carmen and Chozen’s night out clubbing. They are treated to a hummer by a friend and get rather drunk at the night club. Chozen confides in Johnny and talks about his love for Kumiko. He phones her up and leaves her a message. The ladies decide to bail early and the boys head off in the limo for their next destination. After a fun sing-along to Eye of the Tiger, the gang soon realize that their rivals have accosted the limo and are driving erratically. What is Cobra Kai’s plan with this sabotage? Are they going to crash the vehicle? Terry has already done much worse before.

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