Here’s everything that happened in Cobra Kai Season 5

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Cobra Kai Season 5 Recap
Cobra Kai Season 5 Image (Credit to Netflix)

Season 5 of Cobra Kai continues to follow the ongoing rivalry between Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do and Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai. This deadly battle between two opposing dojos involves criminal activities, double crossings, and a whole lot of fighting. Here’s what happened in each episode of Cobra Kai, season 5 in an easy-to-consume recap:

Episode 1 – “Long, Long Way From Home”

Terry aims to expand his Cobra Kai empire by launching numerous dojos across the Valley. Daniel has brought in Japanese sensei Chozen to help do battle with his archenemy Terry and Chozen is living at Daniel’s house in the meantime. Johnny and Robby drive to Mexico to look for Miguel, who has gone missing. He’s searching for his birth father Hector, but finds the country to be full of thugs and thieves. Daniel closes the Miyagi-Do after his defeat to Cobra Kai last season. Miguel finds Hector and saves his son’s life, but doesn’t tell Hector who he really is. Chozen joins Cobra Kai as a sensei, infiltrating the enemy’s business from the inside without Terry’s knowledge.

Episode 2 – “Mole”

Terry watches Chozen’s training methods and questions the sensei on his background. Johnny’s van gets towed away and they can’t afford to pay the bill to retrieve it. Robby enters a competition to win the money needed. This competition involves eating hot peppers without drinking any milk in between. Robby eats the hottest pepper and is victorious, but later reveals he cheated and ate a sweet instead. Hector takes Miguel to a cage fighting competition and they discuss their families. Robby and Johnny turn up at the cage fight dressed in comical FBI T-shirts. Hector thinks they are real agents though and flees with Miguel. Terry figures out that Chozen isn’t who he says he is. Chozen is forced to battle Terry’s other senseis and after defeating them, he demands Terry stops expanding the business.

Episode 3 – “Playing With Fire”

Daniel and Chozen ponder Terry’s next move and decide to get to his allies before their enemy does. They target Mike Barnes, who now runs his own furniture store. He is unable to help, but suggests contacting Terry’s shady lawyer, as that may be a good route to go. Carmen tells Johnny that she might be pregnant and they prepare for this life-changing event. Miguel and Sam are on awkward terms, so Miguel buys her an expensive octopus necklace as a gift, but they break up. Carmen finds out she is pregnant. Johnny says he’ll do whatever it takes to support her. Terry finds out about Daniel’s meddling and burns down Mike’s business.

Episode 4 – “Downward Spiral”

Johnny searches for a new job to support his growing family. He decides to become a delivery driver and taxi driver, but his customer service skills are terrible. Daniel and Amanda attend a charity auction that happens to be hosted at Terry’s house. Terry subtly irritates Daniel and causes him to make an embarrassing scene at the event. The rival gangs battle at a water park, with tensions rising between the ranks. Kenny and his crew bully Anthony. The teams decide to have a race to resolve their arguments, with the winner claiming the Water Park, but Cobra Kai cheat. All the students are thrown out of the water park in the end. Amanda is distraught after the auction debacle and then she finds out about Daniel fighting with Terry and the furniture store arson. She tells Daniel that she is leaving with the kids.

Episode 5 – “Extreme Measures”

It is revealed that Stingray and Terry are working together to keep Kreese in prison. Terry is showering Stingray with gifts for his loyalty, including a fancy apartment and sports car. Johnny attempts to get Miguel and Robby to be friends again, but all his plans fail miserably. Amanda stays at her mother’s house and takes the kids to a bar with her cousin. They get into a fight and Sam saves the day. Daniel and Chozen question Stingray, but he won’t admit to any wrongdoings or change his story at all. Daniel tries to get Johnny to help take down Terry, but he has his own personal problems to deal with. They give each other some helpful advice. Miguel and Robby fight it out and then becomes friends again, whilst Daniel goes to apologize to Stingray. There he is met by Terry and the enemies fight. Terry threatens Daniel. Tory meets with Kreese in jail, these two are clearly working together in secret to destroy Terry once and for all.

Episode 6 – “Ouroboros”

Terry hires some brand new, world-class senseis, led by Kim Da-Eun. Kim is in a partnership with Terry, who promises to teacher her grandfather’s training techniques to the America teens. Daniel is slowly recovering after his fight with Terry but has given in. Terry takes over Topanga Karate, where Devon trains, expanding his business further. Tory and Devon fight. Kreese tries to get out of prison, but his therapist rejects his request. Johnny and Chozen head to Topanga Karate to battle Terry, but the new, international senseis confront them instead. Their skills impress Johnny and Chozen, who are outnumbered and flee. Amanda convinces Daniel to re-join the fight, with all of his friends and family ready to do battle by his side.

Episode 7 – “Bad Eggs”

Cobra Kai continue to grow in popularity, taking over more dojos across the Valley. Daniel and Johnny are getting desperate and seek the help of Kreese. They manage to trick him into revealing Terry’s overall plans, promising to get Kreese a good lawyer if he helps them. Kreese explains that Terry wants to win the Sekai Taikai tournament. Chozen trains up the Miyagi-Do students, showing them a training exercise where they must defend eggs. This teaches them to work together as a team. Kim trains the students at Cobra Kai as they hunt for new leaders. Terry sees great potential in Kenny and teaches him to be a leader.

Episode 8 – “Taikai”

The Sekai Taikai representatives arrive at Terry’s dojo to observe Cobra Kai. If the admissions process is successful then they will qualify for the tournament. Daniel and his gang disrupt this presentation though and call Terry a liar. The Sekai Taikai rep, Gunther, wasn’t aware of a rival team and agrees to observe both dojos. Gunther sees the different approaches and styles of the rival dojos and is impressed with both. He decides the only way to settle things is with a fight. Hawk versus Kenny and Sam versus Tory. Once again, Terry hires a deceitful referee who makes sure Kenny wins. Terry also taught him a deadly punch, which he uses on Hawk. Tory sees the cheating and runs off. Devon fights Sam, but Sam is undeniably victorious. Gunther concludes that both teams will battle at the Sekai Taikai. In celebration, Robby and Miguel host a house party. Sam sees Miguel kissing a stranger and storms off. Outside she meets Tory, who admits that Terry cheated at the All Valley competition.

Episode 9 – “Survivors”

Sam and Tory fight at the house party. She explains that Tory is working with Kreese and the rival student flees. Carmen and Johnny announce their pregnancy news and decide to go clubbing to celebrate. Daniel hires them a limo and they all get drunk at the night club, even Chozen. The Miygai-Do teens contemplate what to do with Tory’s news. Terry paid a referee to cheat and then they framed Kreese for assault. Bert gets them into Stingray’s house and he practically admits to the conspiracy. Terry beat Stingray almost to death and then framed Kreese. Kim suspects Tory’s betrayal and trains her hard, until Tory’s knuckles bleed. Sam makes amends with Tory. Daniel, Johnny and Chozen head off to the next bar in the limo, but find themselves taken hostage in the vehicle.

Episode 10 – “Head of the Snake”

Kreese is stabbed in jail. Daniel’s limo comes to a halt and it is revealed that it was Mike who took them hostage. He is angry with Daniel, but Daniel explains that Terry is to blame. Mike, Johnny and Chozen agree to attack Terry this instance, but Daniel is against the plan. They ditch Daniel and drive off in the limo. The Miyagi-Do teenagers decide to go to Cobra Kai to retrieve the incriminating footage of Terry assaulting Stingray, but it has been deleted. Johnny, Chozen and Mike attack Terry at his home, but his senseis fight back. Terry and Chozen have a sword fight, Chozen is wounded and defeated. Johnny takes on a room full of senseis singlehandedly.

The Cobra Kai students battle the Miyagi-Do, but they manage to upload footage of Tory and Terry discussing the sensei paying off a referee to cheat at the All Valley championship. Daniel defeats Terry in a fight and all the Cobra Kai students throw their shirts at Terry in protest. Stingray changes his testimony. Robby and Tory makeup, as do Miguel and Sam. Chozen is given medical attention. Terry is arrested. Kreese escapes prison in a doctor’s uniform.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Cobra Kai, season 5. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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