Cobra Kai season 5 – what happens to Kreese in prison?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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This article, “what happens to Kreese in prison” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Cobra Kai season 5.

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At the end of season four, John Kreese is arrested for aggravated assault and the attempted murder of Stingray. After this wrongful imprisonment, Kreese swears revenge upon Terry Silver, his new nemesis. In season five, Kreese tries to adjust to his new life in prison, although he still wants to see Terry’s downfall on the outside. So, what exactly happens to Kreese while he is doing time on the inside?

Cobra Kai season 5 – what happens to Kreese in prison?

Kreese doesn’t get off to a great start in jail. He desperately wants to gain an early release and tries his damnedest to impress his therapist. Kreese believes that if he says the right things and tells her what he thinks she wants to hear, then he can trick her into a recommendation for early release. The therapist sees straight through his plan though and suggests he puts in the hard work, addressing his history in detail.

After his initial plans fail, Kreese decides to drop the charming act and reveal his true persona. He stops letting the bullies walk all over him and fights back, showing them who is boss. Sensei Kreese battles a cell full of thugs and comes out unscathed, from this moment onwards the other inmates respect his authority. Kreese practically runs the jail after this incident, ordering the bullies about to do his bidding.

Later in the series it is revealed that Tory and Kreese are in partnership together, hoping to bring down Terry and his empire. Tory is working as a mole within Cobra Kai, trying to sabotage from the inside. Tory informs Kreese that Terry cheated in the All Valley Tournament, paying a referee to manipulate the results. They try to involve Daniel LaRusso and the gang by sending him an anonymous tip-off. This newspaper cutting alludes to Stingray’s lies during the trial. Unfortunately, this tip-off doesn’t actually help out and eventually LaRusso and Johnny pay Kreese a visit in person.

Kreese is conned into disclosing Terry’s masterplan to them in the hopes of garnering LaRusso’s lawyer’s contact information. Daniel tricks Kreese though and doesn’t hold up his side of the bargain. With all Kreese’s plans falling apart, he warns Tory to look after herself and decides to give in. He tells the therapist that he’s resigned himself to the fact that he will never get out and implies that his days here are numbered. But the trickster has been playing a long con, all the while plotting his escape.

Kreese steals the therapist’s security badge and then provokes one of the inmates by trying to split up a fight. The larger prisoner stabs Kreese in the chest, multiple times and leaves him for dead. Kreese is taken to the hospital wing, where he jumps off the table and attacks the guards around him. The blood was in fact Jell-O and Kreese then steals the doctor’s uniform. Using the disguise and security badge, Kreese escapes his incarceration earlier than expected.

Now he is on the outside, Kreese will hope to exact his revenge. Daniel and Johnny will surely pay for their betrayal. Will he attack them? Will he take on a new identity? What do you think will happen to Kreese in the next season? Please comment below.

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