Cobra Kai season 5 – what is Terry Silver’s masterplan?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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This article, “what is Terry Silver’s masterplan,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Cobra Kai season 5.

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Terry Silver is one of those master villains that always seems to be a couple of moves ahead of his enemies, always silently scheming, plotting his world domination. Everybody is aware of his evil ways, but it is never truly clear what he intends to do. Daniel LaRusso is painfully aware of this side to Terry and he spends most of the fifth season trying to second guess his opponent and trying to figure out Terry’s masterplan. So what exactly does Terry have in mind for the future of Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai season 5 – what is Terry Silver’s masterplan?

The fifth season opens with a TV advertisement for Cobra Kai. Terry always uses technology to push his agenda and clearly wants to expand the karate dojo, to create an empire in the Valley. He wants the power and the fame that comes with this success, stopping at nothing to achieve his goals. That is all but evident from his marketing campaigns and the man’s ego alone, but what does he secretly want to achieve? That seems to evade Daniel LaRusso and his allies.

Daniel brings in the Japanese sensei Chozen to help in his fight to bring down Terry Silver. Chozen suggests sweet-talking Terry’s allies and getting them on side. He hopes to dig up some dirt on Terry, anything they can use to their advantage. Most of these debacles end in drama, with the Miyagi-Do gang coming out as the losers. Terry is always one step ahead, seemingly having eyes everywhere. Bringing in Mike Barnes ends in disaster and Stingray cannot be swayed. The team are running out of options fast and fearing Terry’s next attack, they decide to visit Kreese.

Kreese wants his own revenge on Terry and is eager to help if he can receive something in return for his assistance. Daniel offers him a phone number to contact his best attorney if he explains Terry’s masterplan. They can see that Terry is taking over old karate dojos and building new ones across the Valley, but what is his end goal? This is a question that only a close ally can answer and Kreese specifically remembers Terry’s masterplan vividly.

Via a 1980 flashback, set in South Korea, Terry’s plans are laid out. A much younger looking Kreese and Terry converse, discussing the Sekai Taikai tournament. Terry wants to enter and win this prestigious tournament to gain global recognition. At the time, Kreese turned down the opportunity, because he wanted to focus on his dojo and training up Johnny Lawrence for the time being. Terry obviously never forget that plan and wants to orchestrate it in the present.

Once Daniel is aware of this plan he is more than happy to sabotage Terry’s chances. He arrives just as Terry is presenting to the Sekai Taikai representatives. Daniel explains that Terry is a liar and that Cobra Kai are not the only successful, competition-winning dojo in town. This disruption allows Miyagi-Do Karate the chance to compete and in the end both dojos qualify for the tournament. Daniel may not have ruined Cobra Kai’s chances, but he manages to get Terry arrested in that action-packed finale.

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