Cobra Kai season 5 – who are the special guests in season 5?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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This article, “who are the special guests in season 5,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Cobra Kai season 5.

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Cobra Kai is a sequel to The Karate Kid film series, which spawned four films and a reboot. The show frequently uses clips from these classic movies and brings back old characters for guest appearances. Season five of Cobra Kai has a few special guest appearances up its sleeve that fans of the franchise will be eager to see return to the Miyagi-verse. But who exactly will be returning to the franchise for a guest spot?

Cobra Kai season 5 – who are the special guests in season 5?

The first key player returning is Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan). This character was last seen in The Karate Kid Part III, released in 1989. Mike was an enemy of Daniel LaRussos and he fought quite dirty in the movie. In the fifth season, Daniel and Chozen try to win their rival’s trust in an attempt to stop him from working in allegiance with Terry Silver again. They track Mike down to his business and are reunited for the first time in years.

Mike turns out to be a reformed character, who now earns an honest living. He runs his own furniture store and has left that old life behind. Daniel tries to recruit Mike, but he isn’t a part of that world anymore. The only advice Mike can give is the mentioning of a shady attorney that Terry worked with. Mike passes on the lawyer’s number and leaves them to it. Later, Terry learns of this treachery and burns down Mike’s business, leaving him in debt, with a strained home life.

Mike returns in the finale to exact his revenge, attacking Terry at his home, with the help of Johnny and Chozen. Mike is beaten quite badly, but he manages to save Johnny’s life during their fight. After defeating the senseis, Mike decides to steal an expensive painting of Terry’s as payback for burning down his business.

The second guest appearance comes from Stingray, portrayed by Paul Walter Hauser (Black Bird). Stingray is integral to the fifth season’s plot and a character that has starred in a couple of episodes throughout the show’s run already. He is assaulted by Terry and then forced into a lie to frame Kreese. Kreese was imprisoned for the attempted murder of Stingray, but it was in fact Terry that orchestrated the whole plot. Stingray is showered with gifts for keeping this lie going, with Terry renting an apartment for him and buying him a sports car.

Stingray saw the errors of his ways and changed his testimony in the finale, which led to Terry’s immediate arrest. The Dungeons and Dragons master only wanted to be seen as an honorable warrior. He managed to right his wrongs and showed real courage in the finale, battling some Cobra Kai goons. Stingray was critical in toppling Terry’s empire and saving the day.

Were you pleased to see these characters return? Who else would you like to see return to the series? Please comment below.

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