Cobra Kai season 5 – what happens with Sam and Miguel’s relationship?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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This article, “what happens with Sam and Miguel’s relationship,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Cobra Kai season 5.

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At the start of season five, Miguel is off in Mexico looking for his birth father and Sam is seriously reconsidering her future prospects. This couple couldn’t be further removed from one another in episode one, but as the season progresses, the teens find themselves coming closer together and spending more time together again. Fans will be dying to know if they end up together by the close of the season. So, what happens with Sam and Miguel’s relationship?

Cobra Kai season 5 – what happens with Sam and Miguel’s relationship?

The couple go through some tough times in season five, starting with the opening episode, “Long, Long Way From Home”, where they are literally countries apart. Miguel has ran off to Mexico to hunt for his father Hector Salazar, whilst Sam is left worrying sick about her rogue boyfriend back in the States. Sam lost the most important fight of her life and believes Miyagi-Do has shut down all because of her, yet she has no one to confide in. Sam feels completely ignored and deserted by Miguel at her weakest point. Miguel calls her up in Mexico, when he’s at his lowest. She points out how Miguel’s mother is worried about him, stating that he’s acting selfishly and recklessly. Sam is so angered that she just hangs up the phone.

When Miguel eventually returns to the Valley after discovering that his father is a vile criminal, he tries to contact Sam again. She messages him, saying that they need to talk. Miguel’s friends see this as code for ‘we’re breaking up’ and he goes shopping. He buys her an expensive octopus necklace. Meanwhile, Sam goes on a spa day with her friends and reflects on her own life. The couple meet up and Sam tells Miguel that she wants to go on a break, she has a lot on her mind at the moment and needs to think about her future. Miguel throws the necklace away and tries to fight back the tears.

They agree to stay as friends, but the next few encounters are painfully awkward. At the water park, they sit next to one another, struggling to make conversation, but they eventually get passed this awkwardness and are friends again. When Miyagi-Do is re-launched, they find themselves fighting for the same team again and bond over Chozen’s silly egg exercise. Sam finds the octopus necklace and then wins a fight against Devon, which rebuilds her confidence.

Miyagi-Do Karate qualify for the Sekai Taikai tournament and celebrate in style. At the party, Miguel makes out with a random girl and Sam arrives just in time to witness this betrayal. They were clearly on a break, but Sam was just about ready to start things up again. She runs off crying, where she meets with Tory, who explains the rigged tournament match to her. Miguel apologizes to Sam, but rightfully addresses his confusion. She wanted a break, but is now upset with him for kissing another girl. Miguel convinces her to make amends with Tory and this new friendship leads to the good guys finally taking down Terry Silver and Cobra Kai.

In the end the couple are reunited and declare their love to each other. Sam asks if the necklace was from Miguel and he admits that he bought her the gift, adding that he never wanted them to break up. As the season comes to an end, the happy couple are back together again.

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