Next Time On… The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 3

September 14, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 3, and includes details of the release date and where to watch online.

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Season five kicks off with Serena and June battling one another from a far after Fred’s violent murder. Whilst in Gilead, Aunt Lydia trains up more handmaids, with Janine and Esther attending Fred’s wake at the Putnam’s household. Here’s what happened in episode two of The Handmaid’s Tale:

  • June remembers all the awful things that Serena did to her and tries to garden to take her mind off of these traumatic events.
  • Serena travels to Gilead to help plan Fred’s funeral. Commanders Nick and Joseph want a small burial, but Serena wants the world to see Fred’s accomplishments.
  • Lydia takes Janine and Esther to the wake. She wants Esther to be the Putnam’s next handmaid and Janine helps Esther prepare for this meeting.
  • Serena convinces the Commanders to make Fred’s funeral into an internationally broadcasted event. Joseph and Nick stick up for her, because she has manipulated the situation. If they do not give her what she wants, she will tell the others that June killed Fred, which would cause a stir.
  • June has triggered flashbacks whilst playing Scrabble and upsets Rita with talk of the past.
  • Janine is reunited with her daughter and Naomi subtly thanks her for gifting her a daughter. Esther and Naomi are introduced to one another. Naomi accepts her, even though she is far too young.
  • Warren and Esther have a private meeting and he feeds her chocolate – yes it is as creepy as it sounds.
  • June confesses to Luke that she sent Serena a severed finger and now Serena knows she killed Fred. Luke says that Serena is probably scared of her, advising June to just let her go.
  • Esther and Janine eat chocolates in private and both collapse. Did Esther poison them both?
  • Serena organizes an elaborate funeral service for Fred that is televised. She meets with Hannah (Luke and June’s daughter) during this live footage.
  • Luke and June see Hannah on the news. This was clearly payback for Serena. June is furious.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 3 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 3 on Hulu at the date mentioned above.


  • Serena’s retaliation means all-out war. June will surely fight back, now that she has been thoroughly provoked. I expect June to begin plotting Serena’s death and to bring in her foot soldiers to help with the attack.
  • Esther has clearly poisoned herself and Janine with the chocolates. Does she plan on escaping via the medical wing or did she just want to make Janine suffer? Either way, Esther is starting to follow in June’s rebellious ways, which is an exciting prospect, if she survives her own poisoning.
  • Moira and Luke need to intervene and support June going forwards. She needs medical help or at least some form of counselling. Can they help June beat her own demons or is it too late for her?
  • Serena will continue to battle back, seeking asylum in Canada and quietly building her own army to fight June.

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