Reboot season 1, episode 4 recap – “Girlfriends”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 27, 2022 (Last updated: October 5, 2022)
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Reboot hits its stride with more hilarious setups and self-assured writing. The characters are all coming into their own and the themes explored in “Girlfriends” continue to bring out a modern take on old taboos.

This recap of the Hulu series Reboot season 1, episode 4, “Girlfriends,” contains spoilers.

Reboot season 1, episode 3 ended with the shocking revelation that Bree (Judy Greer) and new cast member Timberly had slept together. The fourth episode, “Girlfriends” explores the fallout of this hook-up as rumors spread around the set and reboot creator Hannah Korman (Rachel Bloom) considers coming out herself. It’s another hilarious thirty minutes of comedy gold as the show starts to hit its stride.

Reboot season 1, episode 4 recap

The episode begins with Bree waking up in Timberly’s bed, she quickly questions her own sexuality and realizes that the last co-worker she slept with was Reed. Obviously that relationship ended terribly and she doesn’t want this new partnership to go the same way. Timberly tells her not to worry, seeing them as friends, nothing more, nothing less. Bree can’t really remember the last time she had a true girlfriend and ends the scene by asking how she performed the night before. Timberly compliments her co-worker, which gives Bree the boost she desperately needed.

Bree swaggers onto set with her re-energized vigor. Reed instantly picks up on this new and improved Bree, figuring out that she got laid from her subtle hints. Reed wants to quash any awkwardness from the phone call they had the night before. He explains that he doesn’t have any feelings for her and Bree is quick to end the conversation mid-flow. Whatever issues she had before are now buried deep down. Part of me thinks these unresolved emotions will raise their ugly head once again in the future.

Meanwhile, child-star turned Z-list actor Zack Jackson meets with Hulu exec Elaine Kim for a business meal. Zack can’t help but portray himself as the immature and impulsive man-child that he is in front of Elaine, but he manages to effortlessly steer the conversation towards the infantile anyhow. Zack grows bored of the conversation and whisks her off on a tour of the studios. They play dress-up in the costume department and steal bikes in a fun, breezy subplot.

Reed broaches the topic of Bree’s sexual encounter from the night before with Timberly and is shocked to hear that it was the new cast member who she slept with. Surprised, he informs Clay of this juicy development and the cheeky comedian is gobsmacked by this revelation. Clay explains how Timberly is renowned for her sexual encounters, sleeping with anyone and everyone. He’s a bit of an expert on the reality star and believes she is using Bree to get ahead on set.

This comes into fruition during a read through, when Bree allows Timberly to use her own joke instead of Bree’s. Clay and Reed try to warn Bree of this manipulation, and believing them, she goes straight to Timberly to address the issue. Timberly explains that reality TV is completely scripted and that she isn’t like that in real life. The celeb is rightfully offended by these accusations, which only embarrasses Bree further. Reed tells Bree that he was only looking out for her, but Bree wants to be an independent woman from now on, free to make her own mistakes for a change.

The ending

The writer’s room itself descends into its own sordid sex talk, with Bree’s antics spreading around the set like wildfire. This vulgar debate makes Hannah realize that her father doesn’t actually know about her own sexual orientation and she struggles to find the right moment to come out to Gordon. Hannah keeps putting off the conversation and ends up coming out during a read through instead. Gordon admits that he knew about her sexual orientation years ago and Bree chooses this moment to stand in solidarity. She says that she is sexually fluid and tries to hold Timberly’s hand. Timberly rejects this gesture in the episode’s awkward final moments. The newbie now questions her own decision to sleep with Bree, unaware of the scandal she would create.

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