Togo ending explained – will Togo keep working his block?

October 6, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Togo (2022) and will contain spoilers.

Togo (2022) is a Spanish-language film and the first original movie from Uruguay. Written and directed by Israel Adrián Caetano (Bolivia), the film stars Diego Alsono as the titular character. Togo is a neighborhood ambassador. He is the “road attendant” who helps visitors and residents in and out of parking spaces. Togo has gone completely white and grey, has a limp, and is well over his 60s. He will also clean your car, and all you owe him is a tip which amounts to pocket change.

Basically, this is a position where you can loiter and beg for change under cover of honest work. And it is, in a way. Togo does serve the purpose also of being a neighborhood watch. One night, he runs across a teenager who collapses, high on drugs, named Mercedes (Catalina Arrillaga). He offers her the location of a faucet and a piece of cardboard to sleep on. Togo has his setup and lives like Fredo Baggins. He sleeps between the perfect shapes roots of a tree in the park, offering excellent coverage at night.

The neighborhood is changing. Diego has been living alone for a while since his daughter entered rehab. Mercedes represents the child he could protect. She keeps coming back, even though she lives in a beautiful home with her parents. One night, after finally sensing the depressed teenager, he witnesses a local dealer being murdered a block or two away. It’s a group of Narcos who have moved into his territory. Soon, they take Milton’s block in front of the grocery store, which is a close friend of Togo. Milton later gives up the league because the group assaulted him. That finally was the last straw for Togo. After one of them brandishes a weapon our hero, a former boxer, knocks both punks out. This is terrible news for Togo since the crime boss just told him to clear out a few days prior.

There was a murder attempt on his life. Togo watches the Narcos mistake a bunch of blankets for him, shoot a half dozen bullets, and start his belongings on fire. At the same time, he hid among the tree branches, as after one of the Narcos was filmed trying to talk his way into the rehab center where Togo’s daughter resides, he has had enough. He lines his cane with barbed wire and attacks the group in the park who tell him where their boss is. This leads him to a social club, where Togo takes out the management by using his fist and comes to knock out the man’s brand-new teeth.

Togo tells him to stay away from his block and neighborhood.

Togo ending explained

The film ends with Mercedes arriving and putting on her yellow safety vest. She sits next to Togo, who gives her the assignment for the day. Togo looks across the grass and sees a black sedan pull up with fully blacked-out tinted windows.

No one gets out of the car. It simply drives away. Togo looks satisfied that he has protected his community and territory.

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