Glitch season 1, episode 3 recap – realtors with a hidden agenda

October 7, 2022
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This episode shows more about the religious cult than the actual abductions giving it more depth.

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This episode shows more about the religious cult than the actual abductions giving it more depth.

This recap of the K-Drama Netflix series Glitch season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

The Netflix Korean drama, Glitch is an interesting sci-fi series that explores UFOs, cults, and religious beliefs. Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-been) comes from a rich family. She has a steady job, obtained through family connections. One night, her boyfriend of four years suddenly disappears. As she goes in search of him, she tries to uncover the truth behind a mysterious secret with the help of a community of UFO watchers, including Heo Bo-ra.

In this episode, Bora (Jin-Ah Im) and Ji-hyo get reacquainted by going on their first mission together to check out an apartment. There could be possible alien waves there and that’s why they go. But they find more than they could have imagined when the realtor is actually in some cult. 

Glitch season 1, episode 3 recap

This episode starts with a flashback to when Ji-hyo is a little girl and struggling with her faith. The women in the church group all hung themselves in one of the rooms because they wanted to go into the divine light.

It then cuts to the present day as Moonface (Bora) is reporting Ji-hyo for crashing into her motorcycle on foot. Bora is slightly exaggerating the damages to her motorcycle and herself as well. Ji-hyo then remembered her as a little girl and her dark past. It involved alcohol and sniffing glue, and Bora was always considered a bad influence. Bora forces her at the diner to tell her what she saw and Ji-hyo tells her about the butterflies forming that symbol.

Bora then finds a video that she did before about one of the people who had been abducted and showed it to Ji-hyo. In the video, they both see the same symbol that Ji-hyo found at the overpass. A detective ends up going to check on Ji-hyo but her parents talk to him instead and they have no idea what’s happening at all. Instead, the father thinks that she is cheating on Sikook with the detective and doesn’t even bother listening to what he’s saying about his daughter.

The people in the forum try to make sense of what Ji-hyo is telling them but they don’t believe her. Bora makes Ji-hyo sign a contract to make her use the boyfriend’s case in the next video and they all have to come together to help her. Ji-hyo’s father invites her to dinner and then ambushes her with her boss. And now she’s even more annoyed with him because she’s able to handle these things on her own and he won’t let her. He has been managing her life ever since she was a little girl and now she’s almost 30 and doesn’t need her father to step in. Bora then starts to stream on twitch explaining her new findings.

Ji-Hyo finds out that someone cleared out Sikook’s apartment as well. So Bora comes up with an idea to go check out the area and who would have done it so fast? Bora and Ji-hyo go to get a referral to look at the new apartment and they’re selling that they are going to be living together. Ji-hyo is very meticulous and she keeps asking questions. The realtor ends up siding with Bora because she’s not as intense.

The ending

When the realtor leaves, Bora sneaks back into the apartment and tries to track alien waves in that apartment and then it cuts to a flashback. Ji-hyo and Bora used to do the same thing when they were children. When it cuts back, new people are looking at the apartment and the two of them have to hide. While hiding, the people put on a VR headset and sit on the floor. They begin to chant to the divine light and it’s apparent that it’s a religious cult. The monitor that Bora has ends up catching the waves in the apartment. There is such good tension that is built when the realtor and her friends are in the apartment looking for space while Bora and Ji-hyo are trying to hide. This episode shows more about the religious cult than the actual abductions giving it more depth.

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