Who died in The Midnight Club season 1?

October 7, 2022
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This article, “who died in The Midnight Club season 1?” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

The Midnight Club tells the story of a group of terminally ill teens who live on the grounds of Brightcliffe Hospice. The hospice is believed to possess special healing powers that can rejuvenate its dying patients. The building is famous for hosting a miraculously cured patient called Julia Jayne and, at one time, being home to a controversial cult. With all this talk of death and demonic rituals, you would expect the teen horror series to be packed with a high kill count. Here’s a breakdown of everyone who died in the series who is of any importance to the plot. If we missed anyone, please comment below.

Who died in The Midnight Club Season 1?


The first major death in Mike Flanagan’s horror series comes from the teen patient Tristan, who we only see on the odd occasion, resting in the recovery room. They are quarantined for this portion of the narrative and the gang’s only interactions with Tristan come when best friend Natsuki reads to them via an intercom. Tristan dies due to their disease early on in the show, with the death working as an imminent reminder to the other guests that death is coming. This reiterates the seriousness of the hospice and the undeniable fact that they are all going to die here. The filmmakers don’t spend much time grieving for poor Tristan, but the death serves its purpose plot-wise.

The ghost story characters

Throughout The Midnight Club, the group members tell each other fun ghost stories, which are then recreated using the teens themselves. In these stories there is a lot of death. Dana’s clone is shot in Anya’s story, serial killer Dusty kills many victims in Kevin’s gruesome tale and the noir is chocked full of deaths too. Ilonka’s witch story sees Imani’s mother die, when she drains her powers to save a stranger’s life and again there are many more deaths in episode 6. These stories within a story help humanize our characters and provide ample entertainment along the way. It’s also worth mentioning that the deaths in episode 3 may be quite monotonous, but the visuals of the silently screaming ghosts are impressively unique and linger in the mind.

The Paragon cult members

In episode 5, “See You Later,” Ilonka reads from a cult member’s diary, which explains how the notorious cult came to an end. Cult leader Regina Ballard orchestrated a blood sacrifice, where she poisoned her followers in the hopes of appeasing the gods. She wanted to gain the power of immortality and killed off all her followers in the process. Her daughter Athena tried to warn the authorities of this tragedy, but they were too late. Regina claimed it was an accident, but Athena thought otherwise.


The most tragic death in The Midnight Club comes from Ilonka’s feisty roommate Anya. Her disease worsens near the end, and she passes out during a midnight meeting. Dr. Stanton explains that Anya is suffering from sepsis, and Ilonka vows to save her no matter what. With Shasta’s help, the gang performs a ritual to try and save Anya’s life. They burn precious items and cut themselves with a knife. The ritual then involves pouring water over Anya’s head. This causes a fever, which eventually kills her. It’s a deeply ironic and bitterly unfair death that really hits home. Ilonka blames herself for the death, but Anya was willing to try anything to beat her disease and would have welcomed any scheme.

And that’s everyone who died in The Midnight Club season 1.

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