The Midnight Club season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Adam Lock
Published: October 7, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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“Midnight” brings a fitting conclusion to many of the show’s subplots and mysteries, but it doesn’t quite provide the desired closure for all of its storylines. That final shot in particular will frustrate plenty, yet overall, this is an emotive and thorough finale. It feels sad saying goodbye to this world, and these characters, which I suppose is the greatest compliment of all.

This recap of the Netflix series The Midnight Club season 1, episode 10, “Midnight,” the ending explained, contains spoilers.

The Midnight Club concludes with the aptly titled tenth episode, “Midnight”. This finale explores the truth behind Brightcliffe’s troubled history via flashbacks, while in the present, there are emotional goodbyes and the Midnight Club members bring a conclusive end to two of their unfinished tales. The finale sticks true to the show’s consistent ethos and style, although I am unsure of the overall ending itself, which will likely spark much debate.

The Midnight Club season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

The finale opens with a flashback to 1968. Julia Jayne escapes Brightcliffe in the early hours and hitchhikes to Regina Ballard’s home. She shows the cult leader her daughter’s diary and explains how she found the hidden basement lair, where Regina performed her deadly ritual. Regina concurs that the building and its grounds are special, yet people still call her crazy for her actions. Julia tells Regina that she is ill and yearns for a cure. Regina promises to teach her all she knows and adds that they will formulate a detailed backstory to explain her lengthy disappearance.

Back in the present and Dr. Stanton has Shasta pinned against a wall. The ritual from the previous instalment has left three women dying and Ilonka concussed. Shasta quickly escapes via the elevator and leaves her followers for dead. Ilonka awakens and with Stanton, they perform CPR on the dying ladies. The next day, Stanton informs Ilonka that the women will live, yet she warns Ilonka not to trust Shasta/Julia ever again. She has tried to get her arrested numerous times over the years, adding that she is a dangerous individual.

Ilonka ponders leaving Brightcliffe after this unforgivable act, even though Dr. Stanton has decided not to chuck her out herself. Stanton is hurt that Ilonka would trust Shasta over her and they debate the healing properties of the hospice. Stanton believes Sandra and Julia were just lucky and even if Julia was cured, clearly the magic is fading and she needs to perform a second ritual after all these years. Ilonka concludes by telling the doctor that she will be packing her bags and leaving after family day.

Amesh worries about his deteriorating health and confides in Natsuki. He tells her that his motor skills and sight are fading, admitting that he sees a shadowy figure in the corner of his eye, just like Anya mentioned. The filmmakers decide to address the shadowy demon with emotions this time around, rather than by resorting to the horror angle, which works a treat. It hits harder this way as Natsuki and Amesh embrace one another, with their impending deaths drawing ever closer.

Before family day commences, the gang all say their final goodbyes to Sandra and wish her well. There are plenty of tears, and they all individually hug Sandra before she leaves. The family meeting is equally cute, with Cheri finally making an appearance. Spencer is reunited with his mother and they too embrace. There’s also good news for Amesh, with his parents finally sorting out the paperwork so they can come visit from abroad.

Ilonka packs her bags and meets Rhett for the first time. He found Anya’s obituary and headed over to collect her things. Ilonka passes him the box of Anya’s items and he gets all nostalgic over the ballerina statue. Ilonka is astounded to find that the ballerina’s leg has been fixed. Is this a sign from Anya from the other side? Ilonka thinks so, and sheds a silent tear over the discovery. She then requests a poem to be read at her own funeral and shares a tender moment with foster-parent Tim.

Kevin breaks up with Katherine and then it is time for the final Midnight Club meeting of the season. Kevin decides to finish his serial killer saga and recounts the final part, which is filled with jump scares and many sarcastically stereotypical twists. Dusty tries to fight the voices in his head and stops himself from killing Sheila, but the curse passes on to Dusty anyway and he must kill himself to stop the curse carrying on indefinitely. Sheila knocks him out with his own hammer and Dusty spends the rest of his life in an insane asylum, drowning out the voices in his head with pop music.

Ilonka says that she doesn’t like Kevin’s ending and he persuades her to finish her witch’s story. The tale mirrors Ilonka’s own emotions as her character Imani tries to fix a situation that has already occurred. Imani uses her powers to bring Scottie back to life, trading her own to keep her friend alive. Scottie says that it is OK to let go and it really hits home just what this all implies. Ilonka needs to accept that she couldn’t save Anya and that she is going to die too, there is no magic in the world that can stop that. She breaks down back in the library, battling this notion in her own head.

Cheri steps up to finish off the tale and discusses Imani’s legendary funeral. Amesh then takes over and recounts a beautiful memorial for Imani and Ben. Scottie pours Imani’s ashes into the lake and they have a shared vision of Imani entering the afterlife, where she is greeted by her mother and Ben. With tears in her eyes, Ilonka concludes her tale. She then explains what happened the night before with the ritual and how she believes Anya left them a sign from the other side with the fixed ballerina statue. The camera fades out of focus and the gang’s voices become inaudible as the club speak in private about their thoughts and feelings with regards to Anya’s sign.

Kevin and Ilonka walk back to their rooms together in the moonlight. Ilonka explains why she disliked Kevin’s ending, stating that he was too harsh on Dusty. He may have hurt the ones he loved, but he didn’t deserve to be alone. It would seem that Kevin, like Dusty, wishes to carry his burdens alone. Kevin admits that he has split up with Katherine and the couple finally kiss. Ilonka says that they are going to die and Kevin replies by stating that they need to live in the moment while they can. It’s a touching sentiment that feels like a fitting end, but the showrunners have one last twist in store.

Dr. Stanton locks up the hospice for the night and retires to her quarters. She takes off her wig and reveals an hourglass tattoo on the back of her neck. This final shot leaves the entire series open ended and also, frustratingly, brings up many unanswered questions. It is a shame that the whole plot isn’t fully wrapped up in these closing moments, but maybe that is the whole point of the hospice and the Midnight Club. Some stories end giving way for new ones to be told.

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