Wild Croc Territory season 1 review – an exciting take on the crocodile world

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 13, 2022
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Following a team of Australian wranglers, Wild Croc Territory is heavy on crocodiles. The insightful ten-part series does a tremendous job of showing us life in the outback. And if you had a fear of crocodiles before, this show will intensify that fear.

The Netflix series Wild Croc Territory season 1 was released on Wednesday, 12th October 2022. 

From the opening scene, it’s safe to say that Wild Croc Territory is going to be a wildly dramatic watch. From a crocodile in a net and a young child nearby at that very moment, the dangers within the show are clear to see. But from that opening scene, you can already imagine the tweets people will send accusing Matt Wright of placing his young son in danger. But did he actually? I find it hard to believe that any TV company would allow a young child to be placed in any real danger, no matter how good the shot may be. So I personally believe that a lot of the danger we see is not that hazardous at all.

But does that matter? Not at all. Are any of the actors in House of the Dragon in any true danger of being burnt to death? No. And that doesn’t take away the enjoyment of the show. In fact, Wild Croc Territory is ace at showing us the dangers that come from working/living in such close proximity to crocodiles. Obviously, we all know that crocodiles are large dangerous animals. But this show really highlights just how much they are. Some of the overhead shots of the crocodiles are truly spectacular at showing this. And even the crocodile’s slides in the mud are shocking to see just how large these creatures can grow to. So much so that it’s scary to see. And may make you thankful not to be living in Australia.

But Wild Croc Territory doesn’t just try to scare the audience. It brings intel into the life of being a crocodile wrangler, and by including his wife Kaia and son Banjo in the show, it also brings a real and warm atmosphere to the show. Rather than being robotic people that we don’t really care about, Matt and his family are charismatic individuals. And he fits into the show well. Interestingly, Kaia is now expecting their second child. So if the show comes back for another season, it’s likely we’ll meet Banjo’s future sibling(s).

Also being released on the same day as Wild Croc Territory is the nature docuseries Island of the Sea Wolves on Netflix. Both are decent nature programs. But it is Wild Croc Territory that comes out on top, likely down to the faster pacing, larger-than-life characters, and stronger camera shots, this show just feels like it does more. And, just possibly, as humans are in all ten episodes, it feels like the danger we see could easily happen to us.

To conclude, Wild Croc Territory is an exciting watch. From watching the crocodiles go ballistic and the near-dangerous situations the wranglers put themselves in, it’s a thoroughly exciting show to watch.

What did you think of Wild Croc Territory season 1? Comment below.

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