Shantaram season 1, episode 3 recap – “Strange Bedfellows”

By Adam Lock
Published: October 14, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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In “Strange Bedfellows,” the plot continues to trundle forwards, although it is all just a bit dull at the moment. The overarching narration cheapens the show, while Lin’s good guy outlaw act starts to drag.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Shantaram season 1, episode 3, “Strange Bedfellows,” contains spoilers.

Twice now Lin (played by Charlie Hunnam) has tried to escape Bombay, but something has kept drawing him back to this place. At the end of the previous installment, Lin was attacked by a stranger, and he accidentally burnt down a portion of the slums trying to defend himself. In “Strange Bedfellows”, Lin seeks redemption for causing such a tragedy and tries to earn back some good karma in the process as the local doctor. Meanwhile, Karla (played by Antonia Desplat) continues her suspicious business deals and Khader (played by Alexander Siddig) fights for overall dominance.

Shantaram season 1, episode 3 recap

Fugitive Lin had the chance to escape Bombay for good with Karla’s peace offering, but chose to stay and help out the locals instead. He tends to the victims of the fire that very night. Many are burnt and one woman, Lakshmi, even loses her life due to the blaze. Lin blames himself for this fatality, as well as all this pain and suffering he has brought to Prabhu’s neighborhood. He vows to right these wrongs, using Karla’s money to rebuild the shacks and buy supplies so he can treat the ill. Prabhu drums up business and starts a queue outside his home. Lin wants to do good and accepts this new role as the local doctor, a role that he was clearly born to fulfil.

A flashback explains just how Lin was arrested in the beginning, which led him down this troubled path. Lin and Charlie robbed a bank at gunpoint and were subsequently chased by the police through the streets. Lin took a corner and bumped into another officer and a tussle ensued. Charlie shot the man dead, but Lin decided to stay and tried to stop the bleeding, whilst performing CPR on the victim. Charlie panicked and fled, ditching his colleague and swiping the bank money in the process. Because Lin chose not to run, he was arrested and later tortured. The police wanting to know who killed one of their own. Again, the filmmakers try to frame Lin as this lovable rogue, someone who may get into tricky situations, but always means well.

In the present, Khader pays Walid a visit. He informs his enemy that Rujul is dead. Walid admits that he would have killed the traitor as well if he was in a similar situation. Khader talks of peace between the rivals, but believes Walid is now starting a war. Walid is honest with Khader, he wants to own Sagar Wada, because the land is worth a fortune. He states that he made a better offer and thinks the land is rightfully his. Neither of these rivals look likely to back down any time soon.

After his meeting with Walid, Khader’s next port of call is to the Palace, where he interrogates Madame Zhou. Khader explains how Zhou is only allowed to go about her business if she stays neutral to the gangs. Zhou admits that she made a mistake by bringing Rujul and Walid to this place, where she unwittingly chose a side. Khader informs Zhou that he now owns her and that she is indebted to him.

The ending

Khader’s a busy man, next he picks up Lin from the slums and takes him on a tour of the city. Khader then takes Lin to a club, displaying his power and wealth. Khader is quite taken by Lin and tells his right-hand man Abdullah how impressed he is with this individual. Lin and Karla are reunited at the club and Khader pretends to act like he doesn’t know who she is. Khader drives Lin back to the slums afterwards. Lin wonders aloud if this was all just a test of some kind and Khader talks of the good that Lin is doing. Lin replies that he isn’t a good man. I don’t think he is aware that he is being used here. Khader has ulterior motives of his own.

Back at the slums and Lin has missed Lakshmi’s funeral. Her son Ravi attacks Lin. The fugitive genuinely understands the boy’s rage and pain. He tells Ravi that he is tired of getting everything wrong. Head of the slums, Qasim intervenes and sends Ravi away. He tells Lin to set up in Lakshmi’s hut, where he will now be living. He adds that this is not a gift, is it a punishment instead?

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