The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2 – will there be a sequel to The Curse Of Bridge Hollow?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 14, 2022 (Last updated: October 15, 2022)

We discuss if there will be a The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2, a sequel to the Netflix film The Curse Of Bridge Hollow, and will contain spoilers.

The family-friendly horror film, The Curse of Bridge Hollow, tells the story of a father, played by Marlon Wayans, and his teenage daughter, played by Priah Ferguson. In the film, they are forced to work together in an attempt to save their town. The reason they have to team up is that there is an ancient and mischievous spirit. This means that Halloween decorations come to life and cause utter madness.

It was only just released today (14th October 2022), so at the time time of writing, there wasn’t any public reaction to write about. However, if the film proves to be a big enough hit, it’s likely that Netflix will want to make a sequel. What do you want to happen?

The Curse of Bridge Hollow sequel potential release date

Seeing as the main selling point of this film is that it takes place during the Halloween season, chances are that any potential sequel will also take place during the same holiday. If the film is well received, maybe the streaming site will rush for a release in 2023. It might not be loads of times, but several films (such as Scream 6) have or are doing the same. On the other hand, if Netflix wants to take its time with a sequel, maybe we’ll see it in 2024. Either way, I strongly feel that it will be released in October.

The only contrast to that would be if the writers decided to bring a spooky element to a different holiday. For example, maybe Christmas decorations will come to life. And therefore, maybe we’ll have a horror-inspired Christmas film like Gremlins.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow sequel cast – who might be in it?

Marlon Wayans, Priah Ferguson, and Kelly Rowland were all pretty big names to have in the film. And considering that Marlon and Priah were the key players in the film, it’s likely that they’ll return to the sequel. But as the film has yet to be released when this article was written, could their characters have fates that mean it’s impossible for them to return? As this is a family film, it doesn’t feel like it will go this way.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow sequel plot: what could The Curse Of Bridge Hollow 2 be about?

Without knowing the exact ending of the film, it’s quite tricky to say exactly what could happen. But I’ll give it a go! As already mentioned, I believe it will be released during Halloween. So I reckon the film will also take place during this holiday. Once again, Marlon and Priah will be thrown together to try and save their loved ones from dangerous spirits. Will they succeed? Just like I think they will in the original, I’m sure they’ll end victorious.

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