The Curse of Bridge Hollow ending explained – Do Sydney and Howard stop Stingy Jack?

By Lori Meek
Published: October 15, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Curse of Bridge Hollow and will contain spoilers.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is a Halloween comedy starring Priah Ferguson as Sydney, a 14-year-old who just moved to a small town with her parents, Howard (Marlon Wayans) and Emily (Kelly Rowland). Sydney isn’t just unhappy about the move, she’s also not getting along with her science teacher dad, who shows little care for her interests in Halloween and the paranormal. The teen girl accidentally frees an evil spirit that was previously trapped by her home’s former owner, Madam Hawthorne. The spirit can bring Halloween decorations to life, which is a bit problematic in a town like Bridge Hallows where residents tend to go a bit overboard with their decorations. As a mom, Emily is busy trying to sell her inedible vegan gluten-free cakes at the town’s fair, it’s up to Sydney and Howard to stop the evil spirit before it takes over Bridge Hollow and makes every day feel like Halloween. And they only have until midnight to do it. 

The Curse of Bridge Hollow ending explained

After a face-off with football skeletons at Principal Floyd’s home resulted in the loss of Madam Hawthorn’s spell book, the group decided they needed some mystical assistance to stop Stingy Jack. The final act has Sydney, Howard, the teen members of the paranormal investigation group and principal Principal Floyd conduct a seance to speak to Madam Hawthorne and learn the Stingy Jack vanquishing spell. Madam Hawthorne possesses Howard and tells Sydney off for unleashing the evil spirit on the town, before agreeing to share her spell. The group then makes their way to the Halloween fair, where mom Emily was trying and failing to sell her vegan baked goods. When the father-daughter duo make it to the fair, they realize that Stingy Jack got all the Halloween decorations to keep the townsfolk hostage while it was busy trying to find a soul to send to hell. Of course, that soul is Emily, who had gone home tired of the constant rejection her inedible cakes had to endure.

Howard and Sydney make their way back home where Stingy Jack already started attacking Emily. The two are forced to split up and Howard ends up having to recite the banishing spell to save his wife, who’s about to be sent through a portal by the bad spirit. He tries saying the spell a few times in Latin to no avail. Then, Sydney reminds him that for the spell to work, the person saying it must truly believe. So, Howard tries the words once more, this time in English, and it works! The evil spirit goes back to its turnip lamp and Sydney extinguishes the flame. 

The end of the film leaves the door wide open for a potential sequel. Our characters learn that Bridge Hollow residents are also very keen on Christmas. And to make it even more obvious, Howard and Sydney discover more magical boxes left behind by Madam Hawthorn, similar to the box in which the original turnip lantern was found. How many more spirits did the old Hawthorn witch lock away in her efforts to protect the town?

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