LiSA Another Great Day review – the power of positivity shines in this sweet documentary

By Romey Norton
Published: October 18, 2022 (Last updated: November 23, 2022)


There’s something special about watching an artist’s personal and professional journey as they continue to strive for another great day.

Netflix Documentary Film LiSA Another Great Day was released on October 18th, 2022. This is our official review.

In this musical documentary film, audiences and fans are given a glimpse into the world of the songstress known as the “Rock Heroine”, Japanese Soloist Risa Oribe, known as LiSA. We’re taken on a journey to see how she reflects on the first decade of her career and her hopes and wishes for the future. Directed by Taketoshi Sado, this film lasts roughly one hour and thirty-seven minutes and is well worth the investment to watch. There are subtitles available throughout. 

Documentaries such as this are incredibly personal, especially with the use of old home movies and discussions around her childhood and family life. We are given interviews and fly-on-the-wall style filming as we watch the artist’s creative process. We see LiSA’s ups and downs in her personal and professional life. What is fun is we get a lot of backstage filming as we’re seeing LiSA prepare to enter a new phase of her life as she works on her 10th-anniversary project “Liiiiiiiiiisa”  

If anything LiSA is very positive, always trying to make each day a good one. She’s inspiring and determined in her pursuits. Although, it does seem exhausting to continuously strive and search for another great day. This film is a journey of her self-discovery and how she is continuously growing as a person and an artist. LiSA is really learning how to trust and believe in herself. LiSA has her anxieties and struggles like all good artists have, but here we see how she learns from herself and everyone around her into building herself a better life and career. 

There is a lot about her family, their impact, and their importance to her, which I really loved. A powerful, strong, female presence was relatable and really heartfelt to watch. Towards the end we have a montage of her live performances that look incredible, from the staging to the costumes to her lovely, soft but strong voice, carrying across giant audiences. LiSA really puts everything into her music and herself. 

I learned a lot from this film, about an artist and music I didn’t know anything about before watching, which is why I love documentaries so much. In this, we are taken into a world, and a life that is different from our own, and whether you’re an aspiring artist or just a fan, this is a great insight into the life of a working musician. 

What I take away from this film is the choice to be happy. The power behind owning your feelings, owning your own happiness, and choosing that every single day. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Here’s to the next decade, LiSA. 

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