Dead to Me season 2, episode 6 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 8, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Dead to Me season 2, episode 6 - You Don't Have To


Dead to Me season 2, episode 6, “You Don’t Have To” reveals the best twist so far.

This recap of Netflix series Dead to Me season 2, episode 6, “You Don’t Have To” contains spoilers.

How does Dead to Me season 2, episode 6, “You Don’t Have To” begin?

Episode 6 sees the lead characters panicking over the car as they want their nightmare to be over. You can constantly sense that something is lurking around the corner in Season 2.

Jen and Judy interrogate Charlie to find out where he went with the car — they learn he had sex with Parker in it.

Jen grounds Charlie but then sees Parker’s Instagram which shows photos of them in the car.

So Jen is problem-solving again and heads to Parker’s house and apologizes for her outburst, gives her cupcakes and asks her to remove the photos as Charlie does not have a licence.

Parker says she can’t as she’s a micro-influencer so gets paid from her images. Jen has to pay her off.

Why does detective Perez ring Judy?

Phone records reveal that Steve rang Judy multiple times the night he went missing. Perez asks Judy to play the voicemails.

The voicemails are horrible — Steve threatens to kill her in one and then says he loves her in another. Perez wonders if Judy is concerned with her safety.

And then the turning point…

Ben is shaking and tells Jen that they “found remains”. Jen offers to take an emotional Ben to the station as he’s inconsolable.

Are Judy and Michelle still hanging out?

They are getting closer.

Judy and Michelle smoke weed in the car again and Judy explains how Jen had to deal with her son and the car.

Michelle asks if Judy and Jen are “just friends” before looking at the moonstone necklace and stating it looks pretty on Judy. There is clearly tension between them.

They then go to get tacos and bump into Nick and Judy is nervous. He asks how Steve is before walking off.

Have the police found Steve?

In a very slow-moving moment, Ben and Jen enter the station. Perez reveals that it was not Steve — the remains belong to a female but they have to follow protocol. Perez is now extra-suspicious that Jen knows Ben as well.

Meanwhile, Judy tells Michelle that she cannot have children. Michelle explains that she wanted to adopt but her ex refused; she drops the bombshell that she still lives with her ex as she has abandonment issues.

How does Dead to Me season 2, episode 6, “You Don’t Have To” end?

It’s a mixed bag of emotions — the characters seem to be finding happiness but their crimes are catching up to them.

Ben and Jen head to the church to watch the choir sing and dance — Ben is really into it which amuses Jen. Jeff tells Jen that Henry has stage jitters. Jen speaks to Henry and Charlie reveals that his brother believes he has to perform or she will be mad. She takes her kids to the arcades to blow off some steam.

Jen can tell Judy likes Michelle and Judy admits that she does — Jen admits that Michelle has good energy. Jen makes up with Charlie and tells him to protect himself.

And then the biggest chat so far; Judy and Michelle kiss in the photo booth and head to Michelle’s house to have sex…

Detective Perez enters the house — she’s Michelle’s ex. Chaos really does follow Judy.

Dead to Me season 2, episode 6, “You Don’t Have To” reveals the best twist so far.

Other points

  • Judy tells Charlie that she lost her virginity in a car.
  • Parker does not know what a cheque is and asks for a Venmo transfer.
  • Ben rents a condo nearby based on Jen’s recommendation.
  • Jen catches Charlie smoking. Charlie reveals he’s caught her smoking too.
  • Nick is doing night duty with the police and finds the burnt out car.

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