Invasion Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – what is Mitsuki’s mission?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 20, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Invasion Season 2 Episode 1 Recap


“Something’s Changed” focuses on two key subplots, reintroducing viewers to Mitsuki and the Malik family. The season opener is unfortunately plagued with generic, pretentious dialogue. However, it ends with an intriguing and powerful final montage of scenes, offering a much more promising story.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Invasion Season 2 Episode 1, “Something’s Changed,” which contains spoilers.

Apple TV+’s global sci-fi series Invasion is back for a second season. In the opening episode, “Something’s Changed,” the Malik family travels through British Columbia, where they are picked up by a hostile military operation. While Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) is taken to the crashed alien ship by the government for a secret mission.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The new season begins with an update on the alien invasion. We see an emergency broadcast from the World Defense Coalition’s President, Benya Mabote. She asks citizens to cooperate with the military and to evacuate from all contaminated areas.

Benya states that the alien spores have infected over 30% of the planet already in just 121 days. Viewers are then shown the chaos of the alien invasion in Osaka, Japan, where Mitsuki is currently based.

Mitsuki and a torrent of terrified locals flee the attacking aliens through a crowded city street. It seems Mitsuki is the only one fighting back, though. She uses Molotov cocktails to kill many of the alien attackers.

A helicopter then lands, and two men drag Mitsuki aboard against her will.

Where is Mitsuki taken?

She is taken by the Dharmax Technology group, which transports her to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. They need her assistance in the fight against the aliens. She is then transported to the crash site of the alien ship. The government has set up a base inside the fallen craft and is currently analyzing the alien ship for any possible weaknesses.

At the base, Mitsuki is introduced to Nikhil Kapur, who is running the operation. He is aware of Mitsuki’s past credentials and hopes she will help them communicate with the aliens once again.

Mitsuki was the first to make contact and helped the military in bringing the alien ship down in the first place.

Meanwhile, in British Columbia, Aneesha Malik and her children, Luke and Sarah, travel the empty highways looking for supplies. The Maliks are first seen stealing gas and other supplies from a service station.

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The family argues about their current situation. Aneesha orders them to keep heading north. They must keep moving from one place to the next.

On their travels, they come across a military convoy at another stop-off point. Luke attempts to steal the military’s petrol canisters and is subsequently caught. The soldiers frisk the family, finding guns and an alien claw-like object stashed away in the car.

Why are the Maliks arrested?

The military has been on the lookout for Aneesha and her family, specifically for this alien weapon that she possesses. The Maliks are soon arrested and placed in the back of a truck. Here they meet another captive called Clark, who used to be an English teacher.

It isn’t long before the convoy is attacked by the Movement, a rogue group of freedom fighters. Clark appears to be working with the Movement and helps the Maliks to escape their captors.

They are then given shelter for the night, and all of their items are safely returned to them, including the mysterious alien item.

Back at the government’s base in Brazil, Mitsuki undergoes some intense psychological tests to establish a baseline before entering the heart of the alien ship. Mitsuki is forced to talk about her dead lover Hinata, which causes her great distress. It seems she blames herself for Hinata’s passing.

Unsurprisingly, she fails the tests, but Nikhil thinks this is actually a positive result after all. He believes that this may work in their favor instead.

Previous scientists who entered the heart of the ship were all of sound mind, yet they ended up either losing their memories or going into a coma.

What is Mitsuki’s mission?

Mitsuki is taken to the heart of the alien ship, where the scientists had previously attempted to make contact. They hope Mitsuki can be the first to make a strong connection with the alien creature that resides in the center of the craft, the one they have trapped as a prisoner. They want her to communicate with the alien.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

The episode ends with Mitsuki entering this sealed-off room alone. She instantly notices a strange, alien light weaving its way through the air inside its prison. This bright light opens up, revealing its true form. The translucent alien substance starts to grow and spreads out across the room. Mitsuki plays a David Bowie song, which grabs the alien’s attention. The alien then moves closer and closer to Mitsuki, almost like it is inspecting the human.

Elsewhere, Aneesha’s alien claw starts to come alive, and Luke hears a strange humming sound in his head. We then find Caspar under observation in a French hospital.

The boy is in a coma. He starts to have mysterious, rhythmic tremors. Are all these separate incidents somehow connected?

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