Where was Invasion Season 2 filmed? Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 24, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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Where was the Apple TV+ series Invasion season 2  filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Where was Invasion Season 2 filmed? We discuss the Apple TV+ series and the filming locations used by the production crew.

Invasion must have done something right to get renewed. The sci-fi thriller was green-lit for a second run even before the final episode of the first series had dropped, so someone out there must have liked it.

The showrunners take the well-worn alien invasion premise and present it through the eyes of five ordinary people across the world in real time.

It makes the show a bit of a slow burn mixing the extraordinary with the mundane and focusing more on the way the event is perceived by normal folks rather than leaning into the usual tropes you might associate with this kind of premise.

The result is indeed a character study of humanity facing the inconceivable, and although there are moments of sci-fi action, the show is much more concerned about making you invest in the characters and the world they inhabit.

Fans of the show were overjoyed with the second season announcement, and it may even expand its fan base, with the show escalating the action set pieces and providing more thrilling set pieces and adventure. However, that’s all in the future

This article is more interested in the technical side of things, so this short article is here to answer the question: Where was Invasion Season 2 filmed?

Where was the Apple TV+ series Invasion season 2  filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

White Cliffs of Dover, Dover, UK

There are plenty of locations used in this series, with the situation impacting the whole world, and one of the main locations was the UK.

According to the Kent Film Office, the series would film at the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, which is no stranger to film crews.

Another named location on the site is the Upper Road in Dover, as well as the entrance to the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone.

The tunnel is a 31-mile rail tunnel linking Folkestone to Europe and is easy to spot in the show.

Enfield, North London

A lot of early filming was done at the OMA:X Film Studios in London.

The studio covers 10 acres, is located just 750m from OMA Film Studios, and has been used in productions such as Peaky Blinders and The Crown.

South Africa

It was reported that extensive shooting was to take place in South Africa, and we imagine that the location was utilized for much of the filming of the series that takes place all over the world.

South Africa has become the go-to venue for many productions due to its ability to double for other areas and provide crews with all the facilities that are required.

It is also attractive financially for companies to use the location, with low production costs and attractive government rebates.

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