Dead to Me season 2, episode 5 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 8, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Dead to Me Season 2 review


Dead to Me season 2, episode 5, “The Price You Pay” is raising the stakes with time seemingly running out for Jen.

This recap of Netflix series Dead to Me season 2, episode 5, “The Price You Pay” contains spoilers.

How does Dead to Me season 2, episode 5, “The Price You Pay” begin?

The rodent problem is solved. The traps are laid in the house. Jen gives the rodent control officer the freezer as he’s impressed by it — both characters are taking the crime life far.

Both women believe they are both over the line. While shopping, Jen’s card does not work — she’s in debt. Judy is desperate to help Jen, but she says she needs space from the co-dependency.

It seems their close friendship is starting to irk Jen. Judy is quite an intense person. Jen is also struggling with her back that she’s pulled so there’s a lot of stress.

Meanwhile, Charlie is driving the Mercedes from the storage unit.

Does Judy slip over?

Ben tells Judy that they have a record of Steve crossing the border to Mexico a month ago — the FBI is after bigger fish and that they are willing to give Steve a deal and let him off.

Judy feels stressed and tells Ben that Steve f***ked Jen over financially with the condo a few days ago when asked if she knows where Ben is.

Judy goes into the bathroom at work and calls herself a f***king idiot in the mirror and starts hitting herself. Michele checks up on her and asks for a drink.

Is Jen ready to solve her financial problems?

She tries speaking to Ted’s mother Lorna about selling the house to help with finances. Lorna says she cannot contractually and that the problem is her personality.

The wife versus mother-in-law war returns.

Does Ben investigate?

Ben talks to Jen about what Judy said. He wants to know why Steve backed out of the condo. Jen acts like she knows nothing and then Ben asks about a short term rental.

Jen’s back pulls up again and then Karen comes over to drink. She believes Ben was at Jen’s house the other night which she saw on camera, which infuriates Jen. Ben asks Jen if it was Steve the other night and she denies it.

Is it me, or is Ben too normal about the entire situation? It’s almost like he knows and he’s secretly investigating?

What makes it weirder is when Ben gives her a massage to help with her back. As he does it, she has flashbacks of Steve and starts crying. Ben states that the body holds a lot of stress and trauma.

What is Judy up to?

Judy drinks with Michelle into the night and they bond more. Judy explains how Jen thinks she is clingy. They eat and talk about their upbringing and exes.

Michelle asks Judy if her ex is still in the picture. When Judy says she’s trying to move on, Michelle gives her a moonstone that symbolizes new beginnings — they toast. It’s evident that Michelle is catching feelings for Judy.

How does Dead to Me season 2, episode 5, “The Price You Pay” end?

The emotional pressure is building for Jen. Ben reveals he has a heart defect and the pair start bonding — Ben shows off his lame dance moves which makes her laugh. While breathless Ben says, “I wonder how you’d feel if I died right now” which reminds her about Steve.

Ben tells Jen that he regrets an argument that he had with Steve and wonders if they’ll ever be able to make new amends.

It just keeps getting worse for Jen who is already feeling guilty but I’m still unsure about Ben.

Suddenly, Jen gets a call and it is Charlie — he has run out of gas for his Mercedes; he thought it was a birthday present. Jen tells Judy that she’ll figure it out, sending everyone home after fuming at Charlie.

Jen sets the car on fire. Dead to Me season 2, episode 5, “The Price You Pay” is raising the stakes with time seemingly running out for Jen.

Other points

  • Charlie finds a phone in the car — he hooks up with a girl called Parker in the car.

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