Less scary horrors for those of a nervous disposition

By Niall Peers
Published: October 19, 2022 (Last updated: April 9, 2023)

Halloween often makes us want to join in with the spooky atmosphere, whether that’s watching horror movies, dressing up as our favourite ghostly character, or decorating our house with endless pumpkins and spook-tacular decorations. However, we also understand that being scared out of your wits is not appealing to everyone, especially those with young children who may not be able to watch a terrifying horror film. That’s why we have compiled this list of the best horror films that won’t leave you cowering behind the sofa this Halloween. 

Less scary horror movies we recommend

Hocus Pocus (1993)

This film is a classic among the Halloween film picks, and one that would be better for kids. The comedy element of the film is arguably what earned the film its PG rating, as any scary scenes are undercut with humorous elements. The film follows a teenage boy who unintentionally resurrects a coven of witches, who set about wreaking havoc on the town where they live in order to stay immortal. 

There are a few mildly scary scenes that younger children may find frightening, but for older kids and people who don’t like horror, it’s great to watch for an entertaining and non-sleep disturbing Halloween thrill. 

Casper (1995)

Casper is a very kid-friendly film, with minimal horror and some wholesome and comedic interactions and moments. It follows the story of a girl and her father who meet a friendly ghost upon moving into a haunted house, and features a touch of romance for good measure. This film will certainly keep you in the Halloween spirit without terrifying you or your children. 

ET (1982)

If you’re into aliens and extraterrestrial beings, you’ll definitely want to give this film a go! One of the more kid-friendly options, it tells the story of an alien that becomes stranded on Earth and is befriended by three young siblings. This film is quite intense in some scenes, so it may not be suitable for very young children, but older children and adults will definitely enjoy this classic film.

Coraline (2009)

This film ups the eerie feel right from the beginning, making viewers feel on edge from the get go. Coraline, a young girl living with her parents, finds a secret door in her house that leads to a version of her world that is too good to be true. A series of events lead to a couple of intense and scary scenes, which will definitely leave you a bit spooked, but also intrigued.

Get Out (2017)

This is definitely more for adults or teenagers, as it features gore and violence, as well as some bad language. However, the nature of this film makes it unlike most horror films which are full of creepy scenes, jumpscares and some paranormal or supernatural elements. Get Out is more eerie and strange, tapping into our innate fears of the unknown. 

This film also features some triggering scenes, so make sure you’re aware of and okay with this film’s content and the issues it covers before you or family members start watching. Daniel Kaluuya stars as Chris, a photographer who visits his girlfriend’s family. The first half of the film seems normal, but the longer Chris spends at the house, the more strange occurrences start to happen and startling discoveries are made. 

Old (2021)

This is definitely the weirdest film in this list, and perhaps the most eerie. A group of strangers on holiday are taken to a beach, which at first seems like an idyllic vacation spot, however as the film progresses, so do the ages of all the characters. In a short period of time, all the beachgoers begin to age rapidly, without an explanation or an inkling as to what is going on. 

There are some intense and slightly gory/violent scenes, but the content is mostly creepy and although it may leave you paranoid of isolated beaches, it won’t disturb your sleep or leave you covering your eyes in terror. 

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