One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 2 recap – “Simon Says Tick Tock”

By Lori Meek
Published: October 20, 2022
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Addy’s guilt for pulling he trigger takes a life of its own. 

We recap the Peacock series One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 2, “Simon Says Tick Tock,” which contains spoilers.

In the second installment of the season, we learn what really happened to Jake’s body, and Addy spends more quality time with Jake’s uninvited ghost. Vanessa continues her campaign to get “Justice for Jake.”

Recap – what happened in One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 2?

The episode starts with Addy (and Jake’s ghost, who talks too much) visiting Janae, who reveals she created a murder board to try and figure out who S.S. is. Initially, the two suspect it’s Cole, Jake’s brother, especially as he keeps insisting Addy meets with him to tell him everything she knows about the night her ex allegedly fled to Mexico. 

To complicate things even further, Simon Says tells the group they have until midnight to recover Jake’s fancy watch. There’s one problem, though, the deceased was wearing the said watch on the night he died. Everyone thought the body was at the bottom of the ocean, and they were shocked to learn that Janae and Nate just left him on her yacht. In the freezer. While the reveal makes retrieving the watch to comply with S.S.’s demands easier, it breaks the little trust these teens had in each other in the first place. 

As Janae goes to retrieve Jake’s watch from his dead body, she finds Maeve waiting for her. Bronwyn’s little sister wants to know why Janae’s been ghosting her. Put on the spot, poor Janae has little choice but to hurt Maeve’s feelings and tell her she’s not interested in pursuing a relationship. 

In the meantime, Nate and Fiona are getting friendlier during his tutoring lessons. He confessed to her that he wants to move out, so she offers him a job at her dad’s high-end restaurant. 

Simon Says wants one of the Murder Club members to wear the watch, and Cooper takes on the task. However, Keely gets him a spot on Tom Preston’s popular television show and demands he takes his watch off for the interview, triggering a negative response from S.S. In the interview, Coop talks about Kris as if the two are still dating. Kris is watching, and it’s so obvious these two still have feelings for each other. I wish they would just kiss and make up. 

In retaliation to taking off his watch for the televised interview, Simon Says sends Vanessa a photo of Jake wearing that same watch on Halloween night, increasing her suspicions of the Murder Club’s involvement. 

Addy agrees to meet with Cole but decides to leave when he becomes more and more suspicious of her evading his questions about his brother’s disappearance. She runs into Jake’s mother, who pleads with her to record a message on her socials asking Jake to return. Of course, Jake’s ghost is still there, making poor Addy feel more and more guilty about her actions. 

Maeve, having figured out her sister and the rest of her friends are hiding something, confronts Bronwyn, who admits they are involved in Jake’s murder. Now that Maeve knows the real reason Janae rejected her, the two talk before sharing the most adorable kiss. 

The ending

The episode ends at the “Justice for Jake” party Vanessa organized. Cole is there and offers a huge cash prize for anyone who has any information about his brother’s whereabouts. He also pressures Addy to get on stage and appeal for Jake’s return. Instead, she tells the whole room that her ex murdered Simon and that she hopes never to see him again, disappointing Ghost Jake.

In the final scene, we see Cole meeting with Detective Wheeler, who vows to find out what the Murder Club are hiding now. If her incompetence from last season is anything to go by, she’s going to complicate the teens’ lives even more. 

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