One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 3 recap – “Simon Says Let’s Get Personal”

By Lori Meek
Published: October 20, 2022
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The plot thickens. S.S.’s challenges are becoming increasingly dangerous, leading to unexpected consequences.

We recap the Peacock series One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 3, “Simon Says Let’s Get Personal,” which contains spoilers.

During Simon Says Let’s Get Personal, the plot thickens. S.S.’s challenges are becoming increasingly dangerous, leading to unexpected consequences. Addy learns her deceased ex-boyfriend was hiding more than Simon’s murder from her. And the Murder Club is forced to finally deal with the dead body on Janae’s boat. 

Recap – what happened in One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 3?

Episode three opens with Nate working at Victor’s, the restaurant owned by Fiona’s dad. Interestingly, he’s working alongside TJ, the boy Addy had cheated on Jake with last season and who was suspected by the Murder Club to be Simon’s killer. In their brief interaction, it’s clear TJ is still a bit sore about that little incident at prom when the Murder Club locked him out on the roof and stole his phone. 

Meanwhile, Simon Says sends each member of the Murder Club a brand new order. Bronwyn has to skip a math midterm. Nate is asked to kiss Fiona in the school cafeteria, he does it and it leads to a confused Fiona walking away upset at being treated like a joke. Addy receives a mysterious box with a Jackie Kennedy-type widow outfit, which she needs to wear at school. Cooper is forced to post a video saying he received a text from Jake in Mexico. And, finally, the evil S.S. wants Janae to deface Simon’s grave with graffiti.  

The group briefly suspects that Evan might be Simon Says. But it turns out he was attending a Halloween event he was supposed to take Bronwyn to that night. Speaking of Bronwyn, she was less than happy to see Nate kissing Fiona as part of the challenge. To make matters worse, she learns that Evan is hooking up with Vanessa. It can’t have been easy seeing both her love interests kissing different girls. 

Vanessa releases an interview with a girl called Gissele, who claims she was having an affair with Jake, that started when they met on holiday in Greece. Addy confronts Giselle and is heartbroken to find out that he was indeed cheating on her. Jake’s ghost is still around and obnoxiously makes fun of Addy’s pain at learning about his affair. However, in a rare show of support, Addy’s mom comforts her by telling her she did nothing wrong by sleeping with TJ if Jake was already cheating first. 

As Cooper is hesitant about completing the S.S. task, Maeve offers to send him a fake text using a VPN so he wouldn’t get in trouble with the police. Of course, as soon as Coop’s video goes live, Detective Annoying shows up at his door with a warrant for his phone. 

At work, Nate apologised to Fiona and does that flirty thing he does when he calls the girl he likes by her last name. The two proceed to make out for an uncomfortably long time. 

Janae confesses to Addy that they’re unsure about their gender identity. Addy is very supportive and encourages Janae to speak to Maeve about it too. Janae is also very against defacing their best friend’s grave and gets angry when Bronwyn insists they must do it. Eventually, the two meet at Simon’s final resting place and decide he would probably be amused by the situation and proceed to draw some penile-shaped artwork on his gravestone. 

The ending

The graffiti on Simon’s grave incident leads to Janae getting caught and her parents called. As her father is due to return from Paris, removing Jake’s body from the yacht’s freezer becomes the top priority for the Murder Club. The group gets on the boat and sails to find Jake a more permanent resting place. 

Before throwing him overboard, Addy wants a few minutes alone with her ex’s body (and his ghost). She finally says goodbye to him for good, then decides to delete all photos of him from her phone. Upon closer inspection, she and Bronwyn realize that Jake’s Greece holiday photos were actually photoshopped. Giselle claims she took those photos, why would she lie? Could Giselle be Simon Says? If Jake wasn’t in Greece last summer, where was he? 

The episode ends with the Murder Club throwing Jake’s body overboard. Meanwhile, Detective Wheeler is heading toward the harbor. It’s a good thing there’s no longer a dead body on the yacht…

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