One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 4 recap – “Simon Says Gotcha”

By Lori Meek
Published: October 20, 2022
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 The fourth episode in what’s proving to be an intriguing season raises more questions than it answers.

We recap the Peacock series One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 4, “Simon Says Gotcha,” which contains spoilers.

As the Murder Club members find mountains of evidence pointing to Giselle being Simon Says, their mysterious foe proves to be trickier than that. The fourth episode in what’s proving to be an intriguing season raises more questions than it answers. It seems like anytime these teens think they know what’s going on, they’re proven to be wrong. 

Recap – what happened in One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 4?

The fourth episode is called Simon Says Gotcha and starts with an actual gotcha moment. As the group’s yacht gets back, they all find their old friend, Detective Wheeler, waiting for them. She returns Cooper‘s phone, reveals she knows the text he received didn’t come from Jake, and promises the very nervous-looking teens that she will find out what really happened to their missing classmate. 

The next day, at school, Giselle shows up in a cheerleader outfit and stands by Vanessa’s side as she announces a search party in the woods by Jake’s house. Addy can’t resist the opportunity to confront her ex’s alleged mistress, and Giselle just doubles down on her lie about having an affair with him in Greece. In a surprising twist, Simon Says gives Addy a fun challenge: wreck Giselle’s car. She does it and looks like she’s enjoying herself. The teen gets in trouble for her act of vandalism, but her mom is incredibly supportive during their meeting with the principal. Addy grabs a necklace from Giselle’s trashed car and realizes it’s the same piece Jake had brought her from Greece, leading to the group becoming more and more convinced that the alleged mistress is Simon Says. 

Meanwhile, S.S. has Janae retrieve a flash drive from the bathroom, which they have to stick into a school computer. When they do it, it’s revealed the drive was filled with porn, that plays on all computers during class, getting poor Janae in more trouble than they bargained for. At the principal’s suggestion, Janae’s dad decides to transfer them out of Bay View to a prep school.

Nate’s Simon Says challenge in this episode is to steal money from the register at his work. He tries to set a camera in the spot where S.S. told him to leave the cash, but Fiona shows up out of nowhere and accidentally throws the camera on the floor. She tries kissing Nate again, but he finally puts an end to their short affair, to Fiona’s disappointment. The boy chose Bronwyn over his more laid-back co-worker/tutor. 

Cooper has a touching moment with his dad, after telling him that he is no longer dating Kris. Coop had been pretending they were still together for social media clout, but it got to the point where Kris was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the lie. 

After figuring out which motel Giselle was staying at, Bronwyn and Nate break into her room to find evidence of her being Simon Says. The two end up making out in the bathroom, but as things start getting steamier, they discover the same bag of money Nate stole from Victor’s in Giselle’s room. 

The ending

During Vanessa’s Justice for Jake search in the woods, Giselle discovers a bullet casing. At this point, The Murder Club members are convinced Giselle is their mysterious tormentor. Maeve does some hacker magic and figures out how to message Simon Says, so she sends them a message calling them out as Giselle. S.S. texts the group and sets a meeting at the abandoned water park. How does Simon Says know about every meeting spot the Murder Club used last season? 

At the Waterpark, the group makes a gruesome discovery: Giselle’s dead body. She was thrown off a bridge. This puts them back to square one in terms of figuring out who their enemy truly is. It also raises a question: Did Simon Says murder poor Giselle to teach the teens a lesson?

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