‘My Oni Girl’ Ending Is Spiritual and Full of Hope

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 24, 2024
Tsumugi in My Oni Girl
Tsumugi in My Oni Girl flying to Oni island (Credit - Netflix)


The ending of My Oni Girl feels like a trippy experience. We are suddenly plunged into a fantasy world where reality is difficult to comprehend or parse.

Once Snow Gods dangerously consume Hiiragi, the story turns on its head. He’s suddenly in the legendary and secret Hidden Village. Hiraagi also has a pink horn on his head now, suggesting that he’s transformed into an Oni. He’s one of them now, or so it seemed, at least temporarily. 

Tsumugi finds Hiiragi in the Hidden Village, and interestingly, she shows a complex relationship with her father. At this point, her mother is still not found. She tells Hiiragi of her plans to travel to Oni island to destroy a shrine that holds the Spirit Mask. Her theory is that if she destroys the Spirit Mask, the Snow Gods will stop consuming the Onis people.

Traveling to Oni Island and The Spirit Mask

The only problem with this, as raised by Chief Gozen, is that destroying the Spirit Mask means the Hidden Village will no longer be hidden. (By the way, up until this point, the story was soft and good-natured. The third and final act escalated the story). 

In a sad moment, Tsumugi leaves Hiiragi behind by locking him in a food pantry and fleeing to Oni island. The island is spiritual, and Tsumugi soars through the skies. Eventually, she’s met by her mother, who is wearing the Spirit Mask (twist!). She’s the one controlling the Snow Gods. 

However, her mother disappears, and the Spirit Mask dissolves, which makes the audience question the main character’s reality. Tsumugi wakes up in the Hidden Village, and the Snow Gods have disappeared. Tsumugi is finally reunited with her mother (who no longer has the mask on), reaching a conclusive moment of My Oni Girl. Hiiragi also meets Tsumugi’s mother, but suddenly, he wants to go home. 

Hiiragi in My Oni Girl (Credit)

Tsumugi and Hiiragi Reach a New Level of Maturity

Hiiragi reunites with his father and tells him what he really wants for his future and education. What I loved about this moment is that Hiiragi clearly listened to Tsumugi’s advice about confronting his father rather than fearing him, which would likely repair their relationship. It does help his father was worried about him — I don’t know how long he’s been gone, but I’m surprised they didn’t call the police. 

Hiiragi returns to the real world and becomes accustomed to his everyday life again. However, you can tell he’s missing Tsumugi, and there’s a hint that too many words were not spoken between them. 

And then, randomly, Tsumugi bumps into Hiiragi in the real world and scolds him for not visiting her. He makes her aware that he cannot enter her world, no matter how many times he tries. Tsumugi then opens up and starts telling Hiiragi how she feels about him, which makes him shy. 

The ending of My Oni Girl is one of hope and endearment. Despite the trials and tribulations these characters went through, there’s a shining light to end the movie that is full of warmth. While the characters’ feelings are unclear, and we can only assume it’s romantic, not platonic, it paves the way for a happier future ahead. 

In essence, both of these characters have managed to teach each other valuable lessons: to nurture love, friendship, and family and to appreciate those who support you. It’s a salient message of a kind, well-natured anime film, and I’m happy that I watched it. 


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