One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Lori Meek
Published: October 20, 2022
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An explosive finale that ends the Murder Club’s deadly game of Simon Says. 

We recap the Peacock series One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 8, and discuss the ending, which contains spoilers.

In an explosive finale, we learn how Fiona and Jake got close, and we follow the Murder Club trying to put an end to their ordeal. As the dangerous game of Simon Says comes to an end, can the teens go back to their normal lives?

One of Us Is Lying season 2, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

The finale starts with a flashback from rehab, where Jake and Fiona are talking in the middle of art therapy. Apparently, Giselle started a rumor that she and Jake were sleeping together, but he denies it. During their discussion, it was revealed that Fiona had stabbed her teacher because he was assaulting her. Fiona tells Jake she knows he’s a sociopath. As Jake is about to tell Fiona the real reason he went to rehab, we cut back to the car, where an unsuspecting Nate is sitting next to our newly revealed Simon Says. 

After reading Bronwyn’s text about S.S.’s true identity, Nate confronts Fiona, who confirms she’s been toying with the group all along and gives him an ultimatum. She wants revenge on the person who pulled the trigger on Jake, and the Murder Club has until midnight to decide whether they give them up or not. Fiona stops her car in the middle of nowhere and unceremoniously kicks Nate out. 

Back at Janae’s house, the Murder Club are trying to figure out a plan to stop Fiona. They think that the villain might not be working alone but don’t know who might be helping her. The teens decide to try and find evidence connecting Fiona to Giselle’s murder. 

Janae and Addy break into Fiona’s house and find proof that she was the one who photoshopped Jake’s Greece pictures. Brownyn, Nate, and Maeve find Fiona’s iPad in the school drama club but fail to get in it before the villain notices someone is trying to break her password and wipes off all the data. To make matters worse, the police find Jake’s body.  

In the present, Vanessa tells the group she heard Jake disclosing Fiona’s secret to Simon on the tapes, betraying her. A flashback shows a crying Fiona in her car after she ran from the cafeteria the day Simon revealed she’d stabbed her teacher at her old school. Jake follows her and promises to get revenge on her behalf. The group realizes there’s no proof Fiona murdered Giselle, but they do have enough to frame her for Jake’s death.

To prove that Fiona had a motive to kill Jake, Maeve and Janae plan to go on the yacht, hack into the restaurant’s WiFi and upload Simon’s hard drive on the laptop belonging to Fiona’s dad, making it look like she used it to work with Jake. Cooper and Nate are tasked with going to Jake’s home and stealing some hair from his room, so the group can plant his DNA on the bear costume Fiona wore for Halloween. To keep their foe from learning their plan, Bronwyn and Addy decide to follow Fiona around in Bronwyn’s car. 

At the last minute, Maeve suggests switching Addy and Janae’s roles because the former can’t drive. They also plan to plant the murder weapon in Fiona’s car, but Maeve thinks their plan won’t work without the villain’s fingerprints on the gun and she also reminds the group about the video Fiona has. Bronwyn and the rest decide this frame job is the best chance they have at stopping Fiona, so they dismiss Maeve’s concerns, once again, not giving her a vote on the matter. 

The ending

As they’re about to plant the gun in Fiona’s car, Bronwyn and Janae realize that the murder weapon is gone. At the same time, Maeve and Addy get locked in the yacht as it starts to move. Fiona confronts the two girls, and Maeve pulls out the gun to reveal she’s been working with Simon Says. Apparently, Fiona promised Maeve to permanently delete the video of the Murder Club next to Jake’s body if she delivers Addy, and Maeve agreed to save her sister from prison. 

Fiona gives Addy a speech about how Jake was her soulmate before pulling the trigger. The gun isn’t loaded, and it turns out Maeve was also playing Fiona. She was just trying to get the villain’s fingerprints on the gun. Fiona sets the boat on fire, but Nate and Cooper show up just in time to save Maeve and Addy. Cooper gets seriously injured in the process. Back on shore, Bronwyn confronts Fiona, who stabs her in the shoulder right before the police show up to arrest her. 

After their ordeal, both Cooper and Bronwyn are hospitalized. Maeve tries apologizing to her sister, but Bronwyn says she can’t forgive the betrayal that nearly got everyone killed. None of the other Murder Club members have anything to say to Maeve either, even Janae is unsure of whether they’ll be able to ever forgive her. 

 Meanwhile, Cooper’s dad visits him in his hospital room and finally meets Kris, shaking his hand. Watching Coop introduce Kris as his boyfriend is probably the most wholesome part of a very stressful episode. 

Cole visits Fiona in prison and asks her whether she knew what reasons Jake had to kill Simon. Fiona thinks it may have something to do with the reason why Jake was sent to rehab in the first place. Cole seems surprised Fiona knew about that. Later, while in her cell, the now-incarcerated Simon Says received her prison lunch, which proves to be poisonous. Who poisoned Fiona? Could it have anything to do with why Jake went to rehab?

The penultimate scene has our Murder Club members joyfully celebrating the end of the ordeal. Nate gives Bronwyn a necklace with the word “Stay” carved on it and promises never to leave her. All is not as it seems – The last scene shows the school, on graduation day, turned into a violent crime scene. There’s blood everywhere, but we don’t know who it belongs to. One officer picks up Bronwyn’s “Stay” necklace from the floor. The Murder Club’s troubles are far from over.

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