Acapulco season 2, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 21, 2022 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Enrique Arrizon continues to carry Acapulco as the show finds its form.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Acapulco season 2, episode 2, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” which contains spoilers.

Acapulco season 2, episode 1 picked up where season 1 left off. Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) is struggling because he snapped at Don Pablo (Damián Alcázar), the girl he loves is engaged, and he is trying to get Memo a job with him at the pool. However, a moment happens when Maximo opens his eyes and realizes he got this. He makes it happen, leading to Don Pablo taking him under his wing. Let’s dive into season 2, episode 2.

Recap – what happened in Acapulco season 2, episode 2?

The episode starts with Maximo telling Hugo (Raphael Alejandro) about what February 2 means in Mexico. Then, of course, Maximo breaks down what it means and how in 1985, he found the baby and brought the tamales for everyone. Finally, we rewind to 1985, where we see a young Maximo and his new pool colleague, Memo working by the pools.

As Maximo wanders around the hotel, he sees Isabel repeatedly confronting her about what she is stealing each time she comes to the resort. I will be upset if we don’t get more development between the two throughout the season. However, due to taking a pay cut (agreeing to give Hector tips for Memo to get the job) and his mom’s surgery, Maximo’s family struggles to make ends meet.

Don Pablo heads to find Maximo to let him know that when he gives Diane her tea today, he makes sure he shows himself as a tennis fan to impress her further. As Don Pablo brings Diane up the steps to her office and mentions that the world-class players staying there should get world-class service. At this time, Maximo makes it aware he could do it and is a tennis fan. So he rambles about tennis, much to the dismay of Diane, but she likes the idea. Maximo takes this as a chance to impress the tennis player and get big tips.

We are at the pool, where Hector tells Memo that he needs to sit in a chair for an extended period for a special guest arriving soon. Memo is thoroughly confused but loves the idea of just sitting down on the job. Next, we see Maximo meet with the tennis player and act slightly overzealous to impress him.

Sara’s mom sees her out with Roberta and questions why she isn’t at the butcher shop. However, Sara thinking on the fly, says, “Maximo broke up with Sara and was comforting her.” While the two of them are standing there, she also mentions that Maximo isn’t quite the son because he is seeing another woman named Skye. Sara’s mom is shocked and appalled.

At the reception, Diane introduces Maximo to the person he is supposed to care for, which isn’t the man he met earlier. Maximo realizes this is an opportunity to take care of both guys and make twice as much money for his family. So he dedicates himself to the new tennis player as well. Next, Maximo heads to set up the system for Aaron, and as he tries to run, he sits him down to play the game with him. Maximo pulls the plug on the game to run and help the other guy.

Chad and Julia are talking about her mother not wanting them to get married. Chad is trying to comfort her but is also terrified of her mother. Maximo forgets about the tamales and heads home but is confronted by his family and Roberta. He doesn’t realize it but quickly catches on to Julia’s plan. Back at the hotel, the two tennis players ran into each other and had it out in the hallway. Don Pablo shares some advice with Maximo and helps him get off the hook.

Julia confronts Chad’s mom about the wedding and tells her they don’t need her to help plan it. Chad’s mom says she doesn’t believe they are meant for each other, and they aren’t in love. But Julia retorts that she is in love with him. Finally, Chad’s mom says she will back off a little and hopes they work out. Next, at lunch, Isabel asks Julia and Chad about Maximo, and Julia (slightly jealous) agrees that she should ask him out.

Memo realizes that Hector set him up and made him sit in the sun all day because he made fun of his shorts. Moments later, Hector brings the special guest to the chair, which wasn’t taken. He is pretty upset that Memo left the chair wide open. Then, Roberta tells Sara that she can’t do this anymore because they risk their parents finding out. Sara is heartbroken, as is Roberta, but she knows it is the right thing to do.

The ending

After doing all these things for Aaron for a couple of days, Aaron mentions it is tip time. However, he gives him an action “tip” about tennis, which frustrates Maximo. Maximo calls him out about it, and Aaron is shocked by it. Well, Aaron hands him five bucks and sends him on his way. Well, Maximo starts putting two and two together, and Aaron’s hair is FAKE. A TMZ-like person we met earlier in the show pays Maximo a lot of money for the secret.

As the episode ends, Present-day, Hugo is excited because Maximo got the money and the revenge. But Maximo says he lost because he crossed a line he shouldn’t have. We see many photos of Maximo, and the reporter dropped onto a bed, and Maximo says the deal would come back to haunt him.

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