Recap – what happened in Hunters Season 2? (in detail)

By Adam Lock
Published: January 13, 2023 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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This is a story recap of the Prime Video series Hunters season 2, which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

Prime Video’s conspiracy drama series Hunters returns for a second season, with the Nazi-hunting gang on the trail of the most detested man in history, Adolf Hitler himself. The series brings back Hollywood legend Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman, in detailed flashbacks, whilst the band of misfits track down Hitler in seventies South America. The eight-episode series is an action-packed affair, that explores our troubled history and our heroes’ fight for justice. Here’s what happened in each episode of Hunters Season 2:

Detailed Recap – what happened in Hunters season 2?

Episode 1 – “Van Glooten’s Day 1972 Butter Sculptor of the Year”

In 1972, Chava Apfelbaum searches for Hitler. Whilst in 1975, Meyer is stalked by a Nazi called Fritz, who was sent by Viktor Frondheim. Meyer kills Fritz. In 1979, Jonah spends his time in Parisian brothels hunting for his next target. Eventually, he finds Biff Simpson, who promises to take Jonah to Hitler. Jonah kills Biff instead. Jonah is now living as student Sam and is engaged to Clara. Millie Morris arrests a Bishop, who she believes is a Nazi and a murderer. She doesn’t have enough evidence though and he goes free. Afterward, she kills the Bishop on her own terms. Millie phones Jonah after two years of silence and he turns up on her doorstep. It is revealed that Joe is now working for Adolf Hitler.

Episode 2 – “Buenos Aires”

Sister Harriet works undercover as a German nanny, whilst hunting for Hitler. She kills Rolf Von Klaussen, when he refuses to give up any information. Millie and Jonah find a lead in their search for Hitler. They believe he is living in Argentina and may have ties to Nazi financier Klaus Rhinehart, who also lives there. They get the gang back together in preparation for their journey to Buenos Aires. They plan to kidnap Klaus at an opera house event. But there are other spies at the event, who take the upper hand and capture the Hunters. It appears Sister Harriet has betrayed them. Meanwhile, The Colonel requests Travis’ help. He travels to Argentina to meet with the Hitlers. In flashbacks, Meyer recruits Joe and tries to hunt down Viktor Frondheim.

Episode 3 – “Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.”

The Hunters have been captured by another Nazi-hunting team, led by Chava. They used the Hunters as bait to catch Klaus. Chava questions Klaus and he discloses a name, they are after ‘The Crow’ next. The Crow’s courier was taking a briefcase to Hitler. Jonah grabbed a key from Klaus’ pocket. This hotel key leads them to their next destination. Chava plans to use the briefcase as bait, to lure out The Crow. It is revealed that Chava is Ruth’s sister, which makes her Jonah’s great-aunt. The two teams decide to work together. The ladies battle The Crow’s goons and Jonah confronts The Crow. She refuses to give up Hitler too and Jonah kills her. He takes her possessions, including a train ticket. Adolf is informed of The Crow’s death and orders Joe to go and kill the Hunters. In flashbacks, Meyer hunts down Viktor and retrieves his own (Wilhelm Zuchs) file. Meyer then kills Viktor.

Episode 4 – “The Fare”

The train ticket leads to a village containing two Nazi sympathizers. Chava sends Georges, Lonny, and Roxy to interrogate this couple. Meanwhile, Clara travels to Argentina, certain that Jonah is having an affair. He tells her that he’s visiting his great-aunt. Clara asks to meet with Chava at lunch. Chava cooks a meal and plays her role, but she leaves all her incriminating evidence out and Clara confronts Chava about it. Chava admits that they are Nazi hunters and Clara runs away. Lonny and Roxy argue because he is using again. Flashbacks reveal how Meyer recruited Lonny in the first place. The trio interrogates the Nazi sympathizers and discover they were harboring Josef Mengele, but he’s dead now. Travis and Joe are sent to kill the Hunters and a shootout ensues in the hotel. Travis takes Clara hostage. Joe kills Georges and shoots Roxy.

Episode 5 – “Blutsbande”

Lonny and Mindy take Roxy to the hospital with her fatal injuries. Jonah tells Chava what has just transpired. Jonah wants to rescue Clara, but Chava wants to focus on their mission. Sister Harriet defends Jonah and they all agree to find Clara before she is killed. They follow the clues Jonah gathered from the van and head to a sleepy village. Millie confesses to Sister Harriet that she killed a Bishop, Sister Harriet comforts her, and then they kiss. A florist tells them to head to a farm, where they believe Clara is kept prisoner. Joe seems to have been brainwashed by Hitler, he watches over Clara, who nearly escapes. The Hunters search the farmhouse and another shootout follows. Joe wakes from his hypnosis and shoots Travis. Joe tells the gang that he can lead them straight to Hitler.

Episode 6 – “Only the Dead”

Jonah tries to explain everything to Clara, but she isn’t interested, calling him a murderer and a monster. He admits that he killed a child in Spain by accident. Roxy returns from the hospital and confronts Joe. Joe directs them to Hitler’s stronghold. They march through a forest at night. Chava talks about her lover, a Nazi killer called Zev. Meanwhile, Adolf and Eva Hitler wait for their soldiers to return and argue. She wants to take over the Nazi party, but Adolf doesn’t think she deserves to be anything more than his wife. The next day, Joe leads them to an escape hatch and then a tunnel heading into Hitler’s complex. Joe goes in first and the team battle Hitler’s guards. Hitler is sent to the bunker, Chava and Jonah try to stop him. Chava dies allowing Jonah entry into the bunker. He arrests Adolf Hitler instead of killing the man.

Episode 7 – “The Home”

Jonah drags Hitler through the desert. Then a story takes up the majority of this installment. In the story, an elderly couple owns a beautiful home in 1942, Germany. SS guards visit this home, searching for Jewish refugees they believe are hiding there. The elderly couple deny harboring fugitives and allow the guards to search the property. Elaborate traps kill two of the guards. The third guard, Hugo, queries the way the house seems smaller on the inside and believes the refugees are in the walls. The elderly woman, Helga kills Hugo with a cleaver. More SS guards are sent, but they don’t find anything. One guard called Tomas, likes the house so much he kills the elderly couple and spins a lie to keep his job and take the home. The Jewish refugees kill the Nazi’s in the house and one Jewish mother pretends to be the Nazi wife. More SS guards visit and a fight ensues. A Jewish boy called Zev has set traps that kill most of the Nazis and he escapes with the other children. Back in 1979, an adult version of Zev comes to take Jonah and Hitler away.

Episode 8 – “The Trial of Adolf Hitler”

Adolf Hitler is put on trial for his war crimes, although he still receives a fair trial and gets his own lawyer. A judge with Nazi ties called Mueller is in charge of proceedings. Things seem to be leaning in Adolf’s favor. The Colonel and Travis plan an attack while the trial goes on. Survivors give their testimonies and then Adolf Hitler himself is questioned at the stand. He is tricked and provoked into admitting his involvement in the genocide. He is sentenced to life in prison. Hitler takes a cyanide pill, but he is revived by Nazis and taken to the Colonel’s hidden base. Travis shoots the Colonel and asks Adolf to anoint him as the new leader. Jonah tracks them down and a shootout follows. Jonah is shot and Travis flees, but Adolf is arrested once again.

Millie is awarded a congressional gold medal for her bravery. She admits to killing the Bishop, but they ignore her. Jonah and Clara marry. Flashbacks reveal that Meyer warned Heinz Richter that Ruth was onto him and this led to Ruth’s death. Sister Harriet tells Jonah that Meyer tipped Heinz off and he pretty much gave the order for Ruth’s death. On his honeymoon, Jonah looks at an elderly German man suspiciously, it looks like he will never feel truly safe and will always carry this paranoia around with him.

That’s the story recap of what happened in Hunters season 2. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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