Hunters Season 2 Review – Hitler is back in this B-movie bonanza

By Adam Lock
Published: January 12, 2023 (Last updated: December 31, 2023)
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Hunters is a silly, pulpy romp that envisions a world in which Hitler is very much still alive and Nazi-hunters are dispatched to track the killer down. There are big, showy performances from Al Pacino, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Udo Kier. Bloody, violent action that finds time to address the horrors of war as well.

We review the Prime Video series Hunters season 2, which does not contain spoilers.

The conspiracy drama series Hunters returns after a three-year hiatus, and this time around, the gang are hunting down the most hated man who ever lived, mass murderer Adolf Hitler himself, who is very much still alive in this slice of alt-history fiction. This bold premise is the main focal point of the series, a controversial and, at times, absurd storyline that wavers between murky, B-movie exploitation and hallmark Hollywood entertainment. There’s lots of fun to be had though, watching the Hunters chase down Nazi bad guys and forge their own form of justice along the way. Overall, this is an absolute blast, but there are a few niggles that hold it back from reaching its full potential.

Hunters season 2 Review and Plot Summary

The series follows the Nazi-hunter troupe of the series’ title, who were originally led by the now-deceased Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino). This gang of misfits hunted down Nazis in the seventies, those that had evaded arrest and were, for all intents and purposes, escaping any retribution at all. The gang has since disbanded after an incident in Spain and Jonah (Logan Lerman) is now going it alone, hunting Nazi villains in a depraved Paris. But the prospects of bagging Adolf Hitler bring this merry band of murderers back together once again.

This hunt for Hitler is inter-cut with flashback sequences that center on Meyer Offerman (for the most part), who was the founding member and leader of the Hunters. This, of course, ended with the shocking revelation that he was in fact Nazi doctor Wilhelm ‘The Wolf’ Zuchs in disguise all along. On discovering this earth-shattering twist, Jonah killed The Wolf, but don’t worry, Al Pacino is back. In the second season, flashbacks explore the circumstances surrounding Meyer’s decision to form the group in the first place, and we get to see how he recruited each individual member. These flashbacks work well as a key subplot, painting a broader picture of the gang’s history and Meyer’s motives.

And talking of Al Pacino, he gives another stellar performance as the wholesome yet crooked con man, torn between his troubled past and a need to right those unforgivable wrongs in his present day. The series has plenty of big, showy performances besides Al Pacino’s headlining role. Introducing new character Chava Apfelbaum, played in an over-the-top fashion by Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight). Then there’s Udo Kier (Brawl in Cell Block 99), who immerses himself fully into the role of Adolf Hitler. They’ve got the Fuhrer’s infamous appearance down to a tee and Kier fully commits to this larger-than-life performance with aplomb.

Hunters boasts an exceptional cast and some rather kooky characters. How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor also shines among all these Hollywood heavyweights, playing pretentious actor Lonny Flash. He brings some well-needed humor to proceedings. To say this series dips into exploitation, B-movie territory, with a farcical subject matter, it rarely plays it for laughs, instead trying to draw emotional resonance from the horrors of war and the injustice of it all.

Is Hunters season 2 good?

Hunters is a tricky one to categorize, with many polarizing points, but it cannot be denied that there is more to love than hate with this series. It tells a simple, succinct story with a clear start and end, which is generally rare in the TV landscape these days. It’s well-written, with expertly choreographed action sequences. Hunters retains its gory, brutal edge and can be a fun rollercoaster ride for the most part. Unfortunately, it cannot sustain this high-octane energy for the whole season and there are some slower sections to the narrative.

The show tries to pull on your heartstrings from time to time, and this can be hit and miss also. It’s an odd tone that the show tries to strike, ripping off Tarantino-style exploitation concepts, yet still appealing to your emotive side at the same time, with an exploration of the unfathomable horrors of war. This balance may not be completely met, but the show does try to justify all the gung-ho violence with an exploration of Hitler’s god-awful legacy.

A contradictory piece of TV that is highly entertaining and filled with great performances, if yet a tad preachy and pretentious too. I think this will satisfy the fans of the original series and win over new followers in the process. A series that definitely deserves your time, but one that still has a few discrepancies overall.

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